11.06.2005 -

2005 Pavilion FYR MACEDONIA : Mozart's Boat

FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Pavilion - An installation by Antoni Maznevski. Palazzo Zorzi, Venice (Italy). 11 June - 6 November 2005.

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia opened its pavilion at the 51st world art exhibition, Venice Biennale with an installation project entitled "Mozart's Boat" by artist Antoni Maznevski on past 11th June. The Macedonian Pavilion is hosted at Palazzo Zorzi from June through November 2005. The MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART SKOPJE is the project manager. Mozart’s Boat follows a line of simplicity, which is a constant characteristic of A. Maznevski’s work. An old sailing boat (80 x 180 x 650 cm), flawlessly renovated, is transformed into a musical instrument, retaining the familiar connotations of both at the same time: the ability to sail and also to produce sound. In addition to this object, archers’ or violin bows are dynamically introduced as specific visual supports for the boat’s imagined trajectory on the horizontal water surface. Check selection shots from Mozart's boat installation.

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