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2010 ALBANIA Pavilion : Beyond color. Artiglierie dell’Arsenale, Venice, Italy. 29 August - 21 November 2010

Albania PavilionBeyond color Brochure

A national participation to the Venice Biennale Architecture 2010. Opening days : 29 August - 21 November 2010

Through its participation in the UN Joint Programme, “Culture and Heritage for Social and Economic Development” , UNESCO Venice Office is supporting in part Albania’s first-ever participation to the 12th International Architecture Exhibition : People meet in architecture, directed by Kazuyo Sejima and organized by la Biennale di Venezia.  

Financed from the Spanish MDG Achievement Fund, this activity is being organized in partnership with the Albanian Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports. The pavilion will be a multimedia presentation of Albanian architectural traditions, featuring the colorfully-painted buildings of the capital city of Tirana.  It will also promote an online architectural competition that will take place this fall, in which three Albanian cultural monuments will be featured for architects around the world to compete in designing new economic uses for these historic structures. Titled "Beyond Color", the Albanian pavilion will be located in the Artiglierie of the Arsenale and will be open until 21 November 2010.  See the PDF on the right menu for detailed information about the exhibit.

Artists: Hashim Sarkis Studios, Svetlana Boym, Eve Blau, Gareth Doherty, New Geographies, Peter Voit, Zeinab Aghamahdi, GAC General Architecture. Collaborative: Sunmin Whang, Michael Beamer, James Setzler, E Yutaka Sho, Alexander C. Häusler and Silvia Benedetto, OFICINAA, Edgar Sarli and Tamar Loeb, 1521designstudio, Nikolay Nedev, | N C - o f f i c e | architecture / urbanism, Nuno Jacinto, Helidon Gjergji, Maks Velo, Armand Vokshi, AVATELIER con Polis University & Tirana Polytechnical University, School of Architecture, Luciano Bojaxhiu, Institute of Preservation of Historic Monuments, Virginia Studio, Dritan Mesareja, Gediminas Urbonas, Peter Tasi

Curator: Gjergj Bakallbashi 

Assistant Curators: Enida Mitro, Egest Gjinali 

Graphic/Editors/Coordinators : Gjergj Bakallbashi, Enida Mitro, Egest Gjinali  

Design/Concept : Gjergj Bakallbashi, Enida Mitro, Egest Gjinali 

Commissioner:  The Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports and Tourism of Albania  

UNESCO Contacts :

Wally Merotto, Operations Coordination Officer at w.merotto(at)unesco.org
Lauren Bohatka, Programme Assistant MDG-F joint projects at l.bohatka(at)unesco.org
Zhulieta Harasani, National Professional Officer at z.harasani@unesco.org



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