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2nd workshop on the Establishment of a site management plan for the Ancient City of Ani. 29 May-2 June 2010. Kars, Turkey

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"Ani inhabited since Bronze Age until the beginning of New Age, exhibits all the richness and variety of the development of urbanism, architecture and art of Middle Age, is one of the first entrance points of Turks at their arrival to Anatolia on the Silk Road. Furthermore, Ani hosts the first ever Turkish Mosque in as well as the first Seljuk Tablet” was defined as the cultural importance Ani as one of the results of this second workshop.


UNDP TURKEY news (MDG-F Turkey) 3/06/2010 : In addition, a work plan came out as part of the steps being taken towards the establishment of a site management plan for the Ancient City of Ani in the scope of Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia UN Joint Programme. 

The meeting was focused on the participatory approach and definition of stakeholders’ role with the full attendance of locals, authorities, NGO’s. The workshop consisted of two parts, the first part was a two days scientific meeting including a visit in the field for the definition of the cultural value of Ani Site. This technical meeting was discussed by the academicians, particularly, members of the Site Management Board of Ani, archaeologists, experts with the effective participation of the Director of Kars Museum. The result and outcomes of this meeting was shared with local participants in a follow-up two days workshop and took its final version. The workshop concluded with a press conference headed by the Deputy Governor of Kars explaining officially that the process of the Management for Ani Site launched. Within this context, he urged everybody to contribute  and take responsibility for the management.

The workshop was prepared under the coordination of UNESCO (one of the UN agencies in the joint programme) and the General Directorate of Cultural Assets and Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The workshop’s final outcome was publicly announced through a press conference on June 1st, 2010.

A site management plan entails the protection of the field, benefitting from the socio-economic potential without damaging the area’s cultural and natural assets and developing a vision, identifying targets and defining policies. As part of site management, a locally-owned participatory partnership model should be developed, annual and 5-year decisions should be reviewed and budget and responsibilities need to be outlined.

The first of the series of wokshops took place on 4-9 December 2009 in Kars and Ankara. The workshops aim to guide local stakeholders, national and local organizations and institutions responsible for the preparation of the Ani Site Management Plan.

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