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A few days to go for The Footprint Forum 2010

© Global Footprint NetworkFootprint Forum 2010 Programme outline

While most of the Mediterranean countries were ecological creditors 50 years, today all of them run ecological deficits. In a time of increasing ecological overshoot around the world, this puts the Mediterranean region in a particularly fragile situation. This fragility will have direct economic and human welfare consequences, if not attended. Experts from around the Mediterranean will sit and discuss challenges and opportunities for the region.

Outside experts will provide insights in strategies that could be available to the region to position itself as a Winner of the 21st century. The events of the Forum include:

Footprint Policy Seminar (7 June) to introduce the scientific basis and policy application of the Ecological Footprint. It provides a “crash-course” for participants of the Forum Roundtables who have limited experience working with the Ecological Footprint.

Footprint Forum Roundtables (8-9 June) to generate strategies for overcoming current barriers to a sustainable future and for producing quick wins that inspire further sustainability investments. It is based on a series of fast-paced, highly-interactive conversations on critical topics. For more details on the various roundtables

Academic Conference (9-10 June) to present and discuss the latest in Ecological Footprint research, including topics such as carbon Footprint, trade, biodiversity, city Footprints, and water. The academic conference is chaired by Prof. Simone Bastianoni from the Ecodynamics Group of the University of Siena.

Public Footprint Conference (10 June) to highlight opportunities for a sustainable Mediterranean region. It will discuss how current resource trends can be turned around to advance a prosperous, equitable and ecological sustainable regional economy.The public conference will include plenary sessions and showcase the launch of Global Footprint Network’s Mediterranean Report. UNESCO will take part in the session on “Building Lasting Success in the Mediterranean.

Technical Footprint Training (11 June) for practitioners who are interested in applying the Footprint in their own work. It is geared towards people with a technical or quantitative background and researchers working on Ecological Footprint projects.

Full Programme : http://www.footprintnetwork.org/images/uploads/Footprint_Forum_2010_Session_Outline.pdf

Website : http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/public_footprint_conference/ 

UNESCO Responsible : Engelbert Ruoss

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Global Footprint Network contact : Nina Brooks at nina(at)footprintnetwork.org


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