27.02.2012 - UNESCO Office in Venice

A River’s Dream. The CD Sava Suite released

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The project A River’s Dream came to life as an idea in the year 2010, celebrated as the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures by the United Nations system. For its promoters, a River had to be seen as a route for cultural exchanges and Music as a vector for mutual respect. Hence, in the frame of the overall enlargement process of the European Union, A River’s Dream intends to promote folk music, an intangible cultural heritage, as a means of reconciliation, regional and cross-border cooperation and, a vehicle of cultural identity and diversity as well as of mutual understanding.

This CD may be seen as the first result of a project aimed at focusing on rivers as recipients of a unique heritage of civilization, in which shared waters, coexistence and transboundary cooperation are to be seen as keywords for any kind of development. This vision supported by the UNESCO Venice Office and Folkest, has been translated into this music project with the ideal twinning of two rivers, the Sava and the Livenza. Traditional folk songs from the Sava region are contaminated with incursions of some talented contemporary musicians of the Livenza river basin, in order to raise major awareness of the intrinsic cultural hybridism of any river, as well as of the most challenging goals of our era: the making of a new Water Civilization, starting from rivers and any form of free water.

After a first successful premiere to a privileged public on the occasion of the Third Meeting of the Parties to the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin (FASRB) in Brdo, Slovenia (May 2011), the Sava Suite achieved further recognition for its performance at the “The Flavors of Water” municipal event organized in Fontanafredda, Italy (August 2011). Since, the suite - enriched for a wider audience in the region - owes to the priceless efforts and contributions of Alberto Grollo and Andrea del Favero. UNESCO expresses special gratitude to Folkest, the International Sava River Basin Commission and the International Water Culture Centre (Civiltà dell’Acqua).

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