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Achieving SUSTainability through an integrated approach to the management of CULTural heritage

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UNESCO is endorsing and supporting the SUSTCULT project, Programme South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme – priority 4, led by the City of Venice. Many valuable heritage sites in the SEE region are under pressure. Improving the effectiveness of cultural sites management is a priority and a great cultural and political challenge throughout the region. The SUSTCULT approach is that cultural heritage has a social and ecological intrinsic significance which shall be safeguarded as a source of sustainable development (SD). The SUSTCULT project's main objective is to Improve the effectiveness of heritage sites management through the development of a common methodology capable of valorising the complexity of the SEE cultural heritage.

The structure of the SUSTCULT project has been designed to be simple and effective. The project is structured around 7 WPs including (WP1) project management and overall coordination and (WP2) Communication activities that will ensure a good communication and a sound management. The core of the project is made up of 5 interrelated Technical WPs.

Main project activities are:

* Setting-up of 7 local networks and a transnational SEE network in the field of cultural heritage management;

* Development and running of a Web GIS platform for heritage knowledge management and promotion;

* Definition of a common transnational methodology for integrated management of cultural heritage sites;

* Design and realisation of a transnational training package (on-line and on site training courses) to increase management capacity;

* Development/improvement of management plans in partner sites based on the common methodology;

* Definition of a sustainable marketing strategy framework for site-specific cultural resources based on local market analyses and business plans.

The South-East Europe (SEE) Programme is part of the European Territorial Cooperation objective of the EU Regional Policy. The programme aims at improving the territorial, economic and social integration process in South East Europe and contributing to cohesion, stability and competitiveness of the area through the development of transna- tional partnerships and joint action on matters of strategic importance. The SEE Programme 2007-2013 is the transnational programme that gathers the biggest number of participating countries, 16 in total.

Links :

• SUSTCULT Website : www.sustcult.eu

• South East Europe (SEE) Programme : www.southeast-europe.net 

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