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AFEX French World Architecture Grand Prix 2010: EWHA Women’s University in Seoul by Dominique PERRAULT

Han Sungpil - Agence VU' / AbventL’Université féminine EWHA de Séoul, Corée. Architecte : Dominique Perrault Architecture, 2008

UNESCO Venice Office, within its particular framework of the activities for the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, will host the first edition of the AFEX Grand Prix of French Architecture to be held at Palazzo Zorzi on August 27, 2010 at 5 pm.


UNESCOVENICE news (28/07/2010) Culture : Every two years, during the Venice Architecture Biennale, the AFEX Grand Prix rewards an outstanding project undertaken by a French architect outside France. The 2010 Prix will be presented by the Heritage Director General from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The first edition of the AFEX Grand Prix of French World Architecture is organized under the patronage of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Culturesfrance, in partnership with VU’Agency / Abvent Group, the Moniteur Group and with the support of UNESCO Venice office, BNP Paribas Real Estate and Hewlett Packard

During the event the ten prizewinning projects 2010 will be presented and a special section will be dedicated to the prize winner « EWHA Women’s University in Seoul, Korea, 2008 DOMINIQUE PERRAULT ARCHITECTURE”.

For this project that caters for 20,000 students, Dominique Perrault has dug a large groove covered by a rooftop garden. The group is composed of academic buildings (teaching, sports, library spaces), administrative but also commercial and cultural spaces (theatre, cinema,...). A sensitive, landscaped physical relationship is created between the university and the city as well as between the spaces above and those below.

As a side-event of the meeting, AFEX will present a photographic exhibition entitled "Elsewhere: French Architecture throughout the world". The prizewinner will receive an original portfolio and large format prints taken for the Grand Prix by the world renown photographer Juan-Manuel Castro Prieto, of VU’ Agency and Gallery. Photographs of the 10 nominated projects by 10 different photographers will be exhibited in the Palazzo Zorzi during the Venice Architecture Biennale until the end of October.

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