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Albania to host Conference on Delivering as One

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The fifth High-Level Conference on Delivering as One (DaO) will bring together, in Tirana from 27-29 June 2012, government and United Nations representatives, experts, multilateral and bilateral cooperation authorities from around the world. The event builds upon the fourth DAO Intergovernmental Conference held in Montevideo last year which sent a strong message that “Delivering as One” works. It brings United Nations support in line with national priorities and our commitment to deliver better results for our people.

Representatives of around 40 countries will attend this conference, including pilots, self starters, countries interested in voluntarily adopting the DaO approach or learning about it, the donor community, principals of the United Nations system and its senior staff. UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy) - which participates in 2 DaO countries, Albania (as one of the 7 pilot countries selected) and Montenegro (as a self-starter) - will be represented by its Director, Yolande Valle-Neff. Are also expected as key participants: H.E. Sali Berisha, Prime Minister of Albania; Genc Pollo, Minister of Innovation & ICT; Valbona Kuko, Director of the Department of Strategy and Donor Coordination; and, Helen Clark, UNDG Chair.

The conference will build on the spirit and letter of previous DaO intergovernmental conferences (Maputo 2008, Kigali 2009, Hanoi 2010 and Montevideo 2011) to improve the coherence, effectiveness and relevance of the United Nations development system. It represents an important opportunity to draw on the overall outcomes, achievements, challenges and lesson learned related to the Delivering as One approach, as the pilot phase is coming to an end. It is a timely opportunity to provide recommendations for the up-coming 2012 Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review (QCPR) that will inform the second generation of DaO process and UN system operational activities more generally.

The conference is expected to adopt two outcome documents: a Political Declaration on the way forward for the DaO approach in the context of the main DaO principles, process, lessons learnt and challenges ahead; and, a more detailed document, entitled “Delivering as One: the way of doing business” where participants, primarily the DaO community, might agree on a common position on which key elements of DaO should be taken forward and how.

These documents will be presented to and discussed at the Operational Activities Segment of the ECOSOC Substantive Session in July 2012 and later to the General Assembly for the Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review (QCPR).

With the view of bringing impetus to the QCPR, the outcome documents are expected to make recommendations on key strategic issues that will inform the second generation of DaO countries.

Website: http://dao5conference.org/

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