30.03.2012 - UNESCO Venice Office/UNDP Turkey

An automated system to preserve the tangible cultural heritage of Kars

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Within the framework of UN Joint Programme on "Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia", in close co-ordination with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT)’s General Directorate of Cultural Assets and Museums, an automated system for digital data on conservation, monitoring and supervision of registered sites, immovable cultural and natural assets in the province of Kars has been created.

As part of the preservation of Kars’s tangible cultural heritage, under the UN Joint Programme, an automated system was created and installed for the conservation, monitoring and supervision of local movable and immovable cultural heritage. Activities consisted in the development of a specialised software, the procurement and installation of hardware components, the training of the system users at both local and national levels, the digital survey and measurement of 14 site areas, as well as the digitisation and storage of data concerning 2,643 items including registry sheets, maps, projects and movable objects.

The system was designed and realised in close co-ordination with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT)’s General Directorate of Cultural Assets and Museums. This initiative is the first comprehensive tool for the digitisation of cultural heritage in Eastern Anatolia, and will represent a point of reference for the development of similar structures in the region. The creation of the automated system also contributed to the establishment of the Regional Preservation Council in Kars, which was long planned by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and was finally opened in 2011. The system will be jointly used by the newly established Regional Preservation Council of Kars, the Kars Governorate and the Kars Municipality. The system will also be partially open for public consultation.

This activity posed the basis for the effective and efficient preservation of cultural assets in the province of Kars, as the main condition for the development of sustainable cultural tourism. Furthermore, it brought significant results in terms of training, institutional and professional capacity building, awareness-raising, and the establishment of partnerships between central state authorities, local government agencies, and stakeholders for the academic sector and civil society. The system will also facilitate related administrative and bureaucratic procedures, such as the receipt of related permits for construction/repair; inspection and licensing procedures, as well as project monitoring and implementation.

More : http://www.mdgf-tr.org

This activity has been realised within the scope of the UN Joint Programme “Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia”, generously financed by the Government of Spain and aimed at safeguarding cultural heritage and promoting cultural tourism in the province of Kars.

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