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Appointed Chief of Science unit in Venice

©UNESCO/M. ScaletMario Scalet in South Korea

Mario Scalet by appointment of Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General, joined the UNESCO Venice Office as Chief of the Natural Sciences unit in August 2010. Some words about his background.


UNESCOVENICE NEWS (9-8-2010) : A graduate in Agricultural Sciences and a post graduate in Plant Physiology from the Superior school of S. Anna in Pisa and the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Mario Scalet  became in 1986 a researcher and professor at the University of Udine, Department of Applied Biology.

Further to gaining academic experience in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry implementing national and international research projects in the fields of agriculture and environment and, giving lectures in different Universities (Zurich, Udine, Davis, Roma, Maputo, L’Aquila, Trento) till 2006, Scalet published some 50 scientific papers.

As of 1993, Scalet mainly dealt with programmes of international cooperation on science and technology. He participated in a programme of cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Maputo (1993-94) funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the EU-TACIS project for restructuring the Agriculture University of Moldova (1995-97) coordinated by the University of Udine.

In 1997 the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome appointed Scalet as expert in science & technology of the Department for Cultural Cooperation, dealing with various aspects of bilateral and multilateral S&T relations. He was the Italian contact point for the scientific programmes and activities of UNESCO, and the national delegate to international meetings of programmes COI and MAB. He supervised the implementation of the Italy-UNESCO agreement for ROSTE* while at bilateral level he was responsible for the implementation of joint research programmes with a number of countries and representing the Ministry in many national and international meetings.

In 1999, Scalet moved to South Korea to take the position of Counsellor for Science & Technology at the Italian Embassy. The experience of Seoul was mainly devoted to bilateral issues of S&T cooperation, though he participated as the Italian representative in a number of multilateral meetings and committees held in South Korea.

From 2004, in parallel with his academic tasks of professor in Udine and Trento, Scalet collaborated as S&T advisor with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as with the Ministry of University and Research, also representing them in international meetings and steering committee of national and international bodies.

In 2006 Scalet joined the European Commission (EC) as research programme officer of the Directorate for International Cooperation dealing with research projects of the 6th European Research Framework Programme (mainly in the fields of agriculture, environment and renewable energies), and with the new INCO projects for coordinating the European international research policies and activities (within the 7th EU-FP).

Note : *ROSTE Acronym of the UNESCO Office in Venice - Regional Bureau for Science in Europe

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