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Assistance to ARS AEVI in the Development of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo and Associate Programs

The Section for Culture of the UNESCO Office in Venice (BRESCE) is working at the implementation of the project “Assistance to ARS AEVI in the Development of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo and Associate Programs “. The project financed by the Government of Republic of Italy through FIT arrangement, is focused on creation and development of activities related to the establishment and sustainability of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Sarajevo. 

The Ars Aevi project started in Sarajevo in July 1992, during the first year of war and under the name “Sarajevo 2000”. The name of the project reflected the hope that war will end by the year 2000 and the Museum of Contemporary Art will be built. In 1996, Ars Aevi, which in Latin refers to the “art of the epoch”, an anagram of “Sarajevo”, became the official title of the project. In 1998, the UNESCO Director General granted the UNESCO patronage for the project Ars Aevi 2000, the Museum of Contemporary World Art in Sarajevo.

The International Cultural Project Ars Aevi has created a respectable collection of art over the past ten years, and at present is launching the process of designing, financing and constructing the Ars Aevi Multicultural Center and Museum of Contemporary Art in Sarajevo, in co-operation with UNESCO and the Government of Italy.

In 2003, according to the agreements made between the City of Venice, the UNESCO Office in Venice, the Biennale of Venice and the Ars Aevi Project, the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina took part at the at the 50th Biennale for the first time. The pavilion of Bosnia and Herzegovina was placed at the Zorzi Palace, the ROSTE-UNESCO Headquarter and was inaugurated on 13th June 2003. The authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed their gratitude to UNESCO at the time of General Conference for enabled them to take part in Biennial of Venice and thus to make known four artists of their country.

Last activities of UNESCO regarding the ARS AEVI were focused on improvement of the protection and conservation of ARS AEVI collection activities. Thank to understanding of authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in particular to the Prime Minister of the Canton of Sarajevo and the Government of Canton of Sarajevo, with full support of the City of Sarajevo administration, a temporary location has been ensured within the south wing of the Youth Centre of Skenderija Centre of Sarajevo. In order to make appropriate conditions for proper preservation and presentation of the collection pending the construction of the new Museum Building. UNESCO carried out reconstruction work of the premises. In December 2006, UNESCO Office in Venice - BRESCE completed reconstruction of temporary premises dedicated to the protection of ARS AEVI collection. The official inauguration of the new premises as well as presentation of the collection is going to take place on 27 April 2007.

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