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Astronomy Camp on the Megalithic Observatory Site of Kokino. 18-20 Sept 2009, Kokino, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Event addressed to the youth organized by the Macedonian Astronomical Society in the frame of IYA2009 with the support of UNESCO


The first educational Astronomy Youth Camp in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia will be held from 18-20 September 2009 at the Megalithic Observatory of Kokino. It is organized under the auspices of UNESCO and with the assistance of the Municipality Staro Negorichane.

The Archaeo-astronomical Site, megalithic observatory "Kokino", located in the north-eastern part of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, has been nominated to be included on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list in January 2009. See World Heritage tenative list : Archaeo-astronomical Site Kokino. It represents a unique outstandingly well preserved site from Bronze Age in South East Europe, testimony for the human creative genius in the usage of a specific natural resource for satisfying the vital needs and beliefs. It is significant as: Ancient observatory and Holy mountain.

During the 3 days of the camp, the participants will be able to follow lectures on a range of astronomical topics, acquire basic knowledge about the planets in our solar system, learn how to observe through a telescope and how to photograph an object in the sky. The lectures will be held in the classrooms of the boarding house in Dragomance, a village close to Kokino, where the camp participants will be accommodated. The participants are 20 students from primary and secondary schools from several cities in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia who are fond of astronomy and are keen on to learn more about it. Each participant will receive a CD containing documentaries, lectures, astronomical photos, etc., to further their knowledge in the field of astronomy.

This event is organized under the umbrella of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 by members of the Macedonian Astronomical Society and Skopje Astronomical Society. The main sponsor of the event is UNESCO Office in Venice. Great support is also provided by the municipality Staro Negorichane for the camp location and the participants accomodation.
Photo credit : Poster of the camp, The magic of Konino Rocks and sky ©Astronomical Camp Konino 2009

UNESCO Contact : Iulia Nechifor at i.nechifor(at)unesco.org, copy to Cristina Faccia at c.faccia(at)unesco.org

Organizer : Macedonian Astronomical Society Institute of Physics, Faculty of Natural Sciences Faculty of Natural Sciences P.O. 162 - 1000 Skopje The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Fax +389 2322 8141

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