16.09.2009 -

Astrophysics & Astrodynamics in Balkan Countries

The Scientific Meeting on "Astrophysics and Astrodynamics in Balkan Countries in the International Year of Astronomy" to be held at the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, Serbia, from 29-30 September 2009 is organised within the framework of the South Eastern European Astronomical Network created by UNESCO. The event is jointly organised by the Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee (SREAC) and the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade.

The Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee was established within the framework of the “Enhancing astronomical research and observation in South-East Europe and Ukraine" project of the UNESCO Office in Venice. From the Statute of the Sub-regional European Astronomical Committee:“The main objective of SREAC is to elaborate and implement a sub-regional strategy for the development of astronomy in South-East Europe and Ukraine and to strengthen astronomical co-operation in the sub-region, and between the region and countries outside.” 

The topics of the meeting are primarily the astrophysics and astrodynamics of the solar system bodies, stars and galaxies. The invited lectures are for : 

Christos Efthymiopoulos: Invariant manifolds and chaotic spiral arms in galaxies 

Galaxies and Cosmology 
Daniela Kirilova: Neutrino in Cosmology 
Milan Ćirković: The Galactic habitable zone and Fermi’s Paradox 

-Stellar & Solar Physics 
Osman Demircan: Stellar rotation: theory and observation 
Cristiana Dumitrache: Filaments evolution 
Ilian Iliev: Surface mapping and tomography: new gems for the crown of stellar spectroscopy 
Nevena Markova: Quantitative spectroscopy of OB stars: Theory and Observations 
Eleni Rovithis-Livaniou: Latest news from the field of exoplanets 

The conference venue is Ilija. M Kolarac Foundation, located in the very center of Belgrade. 

Photo credit : Instruments of the Popular Observatory in Belgrade ©Astronomical Society Rudjer Boskovic 

Contacts : 
Iulia Nechifor at i.nechifor@unesco.org, copy to Cristina Faccia at c.faccia@unesco.org 

Organizer : 
Astronomical Observatory Belgrade 
Volgina 7, 11160 Belgrade, Serbia 
Conference e-mail : sreac(at)aob.bg.ac.yu 

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