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Blagaj, Stolac, Trebinje - Three Destinations, One Offer

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UNDP and UNESCO have recognized the region of Southeast Herzegovina as an attractive tourist potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was the spark that initiated creation of the new tourism products that will not only generate new income in this area, but also include people from vulnerable groups into the industry and make them part of the ever-day social and economic environment.


UNHSTF BiH News (31/5/2010) : Project “Community reconciliation through poverty reduction” was presented today at the Mediacenter in Sarajevo. The joint UNDP and UNESCO project is financed by the UN trust Fund for Human Security in amount close to 2,3 million USD, and it is implemented jointly with BiH authorities in Blagaj, Stolac and Trebinje.

Kamela Ivankovic, member of Women’s Association Orchid from Stolac, the one of the users of the project, appeared delighted with what was achieved, said: “Through this project we have initiated production of clay and wooden souvenirs. For that specific production we have trained five young people that are now producing the souvenirs and presenting the landmarks of Stolac. Through UNDP project we acquired a clay oven that is used for finalization of the product, and the machine will be used in the future for this purpose.”

Also very satisfied with the cooperation with UNDP was Semir Milavic from Blagaj, who through this project has managed to connect with honey makers from other two communities, as well as with renovation of a part of the oriental housing complex of Velagicevina. „According to our estimates the UNDP project has been successfully implemented. Program users have realized that honey can be used as tourism offer, and that changed the concept of classical tourism attractions. What can be regarded as the most important thing is that we formed the Golden Path of Herzegovina Honey product through the whole region. This enabled beekeepers and honey producers from Blagaj, Stolac and Trebinje, to gather for the first time after the war and, sort to say, bridge the entity gap. All program users are very pleased, especially with the fact that they learned how to market their honey, and how to sell it”, said Slobodan Vulesevic who sent his message from Trebinje.

Apart from creating the joint tourism offer for Blagaj, Stolac and Trebinje, within the same project in southeast Herzegovina, there are complimentary three components that are being implemented. These are identification and clearance of mine fields, better waste management and raising environment awareness, and restoration and preservation of cultural-historical heritage.

It is important to highlight the fact that all 1100 of project users find that, unlike similar projects, this one had great results and that it truly helped people by changing the situation on the ground. Capacities have been built and people were trained to continuously develop their businesses. Different communities got connected through this project and for the first time established cooperation which truly contributes to better tourism offer of Herzegovina and poverty reduction in that region.

Source : http://www.undp.ba/index.aspx?PID=7&RID=601

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