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Bosnia and Herzegovina to host discussions towards the elaboration of a roadmap of science priorities in South East Europe

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Following the successful series of ministerial encounters since 2001, the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), is convening in joint collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina the next edition of the Ministerial Round Table on Science and Technology and Innovation for South East Europe at the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on 23 November 2012. The event receives support from the State Secretariat for Education and Research SER within the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs, the Austrian Development Agency and the Italian Government.

Officially launched in 2001 at the Venice Conference of Experts on “Rebuilding Scientific Cooperation in South Eastern Europe”, the Venice Process has continuously contributed to the strengthening of the scientific and technological systems of the South East European (SEE) countries. Scientific cooperation within the sub-region and with the rest of Europe has been promoted to prepare countries for integration into the European Research Area (ERA).

Since 2002, the UNESCO Venice Office has been active in providing financial support and elaborating initiatives to generate regional networking as a means of mobilizing science, technology and innovation (STI) for peace and sustainable development. An integrated regional science-policy-society approach has been promoted. During this decade, acting as a neutral platform for dialogue and co-operation for policy-makers and academia of South East Europe, the Office has organized a number of high-level events considered to be pioneering initiatives in the sub-region, as well as contributed to the elaboration of the national STI strategies of SEE countries – among which that of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Science Policy Ministerial Meetings of South East Europe, a ministerial round table and an expert meeting, are jointly organized by the UNESCO Venice Office and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 22-23 November 2012 in order to discuss science priorities and potential regional strategies to strengthen Research, Technology and Innovation in SEE. The related outcomes – a joint declaration, concept papers, a policy analysis and reports - would constitute a conceptual and political base of recommendations for the elaboration of a roadmap to be undertaken in SEE countries with the support of UNESCO programme and in synergy with the future European Research Programme “Horizon 2020”.

The Ministerial Round Table on Science, Technology and Innovation for South East Europe to convene on Friday 23 November will focus on intensifying the STI system capacity and collaboration in the SEE region. The Round Table will be co-chaired by Sredoje Novic, Minister of Civil Affairs, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and by Gretchen Kalonji, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences. Ministers and high level officials, experts of science, higher education and research from 11 South East European countries will participate: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. Are also invited to participate in the event representatives from other European countries, European and international organizations, in particular the UN Resident Coordinator, the European Commission, the Regional Cooperation Council  (RCC) for South East Europe.

The Expert Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation for South East Europe to convene on Thursday 22 November as a preparatory event to the round table will discuss the above-indicated STI system capacity in SEE and pay particular attention to the research infrastructures, statistical data, regional networks and communication of science. 

Former editions of the ministerial conferences on science and research in South East Europe include:

  • 2010 High-level Round Table and Expert Meeting on Strengthening Research and Higher Education in South Eastern Europe: From Bilateral to Pan-European Cooperation (Tirana, Albania)
  • 2008 High-level Round Table at the Science, Higher Education and Innovation Policy Forum (Budva, Montenegro)
  • 2006 High-level Round Table and International Conference on Why Invest in Science in South Eastern Europe? (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • 2001 Round Table of Ministers of Science (UNESCO, Paris)

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