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Call for Applications: International Summer Course in Ecohydrology. From river to coasts (Deadline: 1 July 2012)

International Summer Course in Ecohydrology 2012 - Poster

The University of Algarve and the UNESCO International Centre for Coastal Ecohydrology are organising a course from 22 July up to 4 August 2012 in Portugal with the aim to provide the understanding of the main ecological and hydrological processes occurring at the river basin, from upstream to downstream, how these processes are affected by human activities and climate change, how they interact in time and space, and how they can be managed. The course will be divided into 4 modules: Introduction to Ecohydrology; Freshwater ecohydrology and river restoration; Dynamics of River-coast interactions; and, Management of River-Coast systems.

Target The course is addressed to university students of any level and professionals dealing with aquatic ecosystems management and conservation.

Venue The course will be held in different locations in Portugal, accompanying the river-coast gradient. Classes and field trips will be held at the Alqueva dam and Guadiana River, at the Guadiana estuary and at the adjacent coastal zone. Students will be observing, in loco, the characteristics of different aquatic ecosystems, discuss the problems and solutions.

Duration The Course will have a duration of 12 days, uninterruptedly; classes will start on 23 July and end on 3 August 2012.

Deadlines Early inscription – 25 June 2012. Late Inscription – 1July 2012  

For additional information, please contact: Aitzhan Kulumzhanova: akulumzhanova(at)ualg.pt. The flyer is available for download from right menu.

Link:  http://ecohyd.org/web/index.php/2012-04-10-11-24-03/description-of-the-course

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