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Call for paper: International Conference on Data flow from space to earth (March 2011, Venice)

The International Conference titled Data flow from space to earth: application and interoperability to take place from 21 to 23 March 2011 in Venice (Italy) is organised by Corila in collaboration with the Venice Water Authority, The European Space Agency, UNESCO Venice Office, Nereus and the Italian Ministry for Environment and Territory.


A huge amount of data is already provided by satellites watching to the Earth and the new services that are going to be implemented, including high accuracy and high reliability positioning and navigation systems, are offering new opportunities. However, a general lack of applications is preventing a full use of the present systems and could prevent the exploitation of future opportunities, also in terms of market development. The poor and as yet non-standard inclusion of satellite data in GeoSpatial Systems could be among the reasons for the present difficulties.

The European Union is challenged to achieve real interoperability of geographical information data, although the implementation of the INSPIRE directive and the GIS4EU project could be considered an example of this. However, the use of the data provided by satellites (both in GMES and in Galileo and EGNOS) in conjunction with geographical and environmental data collected from the ground has not been fully discussed and examined as to all the implications.

This conference will begin proper consideration of these issues, starting from experiences where these kinds of problems have been met already (and possibly solved), with the possible result to indicate the path for a wider and general approach that could help Europe in the implementation of its Space and data integration programs.

Authors interested in providing a paper for this conference may consult the related page http://www.space.corila.it/Call.htmAbstracts are due no later than 15 January 2011.

Other important dates:

Deadline for Poster submission: 15 January 2011
Deadline for Acceptance announcement : 30 January 2011
Deadline for Submission of full papers : 28 February 2011
Dead line for Extended papers for publication in Journal: 31 June 2011

Conference website : http://www.space.corila.it/

For questions regarding the Conference registration, accommodation, social events, please contact Conference Secretariat : congress_secretariat(at)corila.it. For questions regarding the scientific aspect, papers submission and sessions, please contact Scientific secretariat : dezorzi(at)corila.it.

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