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Call for Scholarship Applications to attend Mnemosophia – The Best in Heritage Master Class is open to South-East European PhD students in heritage

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Organized annually in partnership with Europa Nostra, “The Best in Heritage” conference serves to identify and promote the best museum, heritage and conservation projects in the world. This year, the conference scheduled from 22-24 September will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary. It will as usual bring together museum and heritage, various institutions and professionals from a broad range of practice and interest in the field of heritage.

“The Best in Heritage” decided contribute to capacity-building and networking between young emerging professionals and researchers from South-East Europe, enabling their attendance to the annual event and to the "Mnemosophia - Master Class". The wide conceptual approach behind the project claims that we all belong to the same, future, mega-profession of collectors, carers and communicators of heritage; Mnemosophia refers to the wide theory that unites public memory (mneme) and the need to reach filtered, sublime, ethically founded and useful knowledge, i.e. wisdom (sophia).

The “Best in Heritage” Master Class is a post-conference event organized by the European Heritage Association from Zagreb in partnership with UNESCO Venice Office - that will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 25 to 26 September 2011 right after the conference. The course is directed to advanced students of museology, heritage studies, heritage management and alike, and young, ambitious professionals already working in the domain. The two-day course programme will consist of lecturing, reflection and discussion upon projects presented during the conference governed by the three basic aspects of excellence: collecting, care and communication, plus a discussion on the theme of this year “Difficult Heritage”. The Master class will be facilitated by international lecturers and moderators. Subject areas covered will be: practical excellence in heritage, museum and conservation institutions, and museum and heritage management. Comparison of the best examples of excellence will give the participants an insight into present field praxis and, inspire innovation.

The organizers' aim is to offer free access to a number of applicants from South-East Europe, depending upon available resources. Thirty students will be selected for the scholarship on the basis of their curricula and motivational letter. The target group is PhD students and young professionals from the heritage world in South-East Europe. Any other participation is welcome; in particular, for candidates from various heritage-related disciplines who are highly motivated to contribute to the positive development of the heritage sector in the region, have curiosity for new thinking in heritage conservation and a vision about how their participation in the Master Class will contribute to their professional development. On-line application for interested SEE PhD students: www.thebestinheritage.com/conference/registration/student

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