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Children teach “Fun” Science

The UNESCO Venice Office-Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe (BRESCE) and Gruppo Alcuni (Italy) are collaborating together to further develop a series of animated films/cartoons which will promote science education amongst schoolchildren. The concept of this collaboration is to directly involve young students in learning and making science “fun!”.


UNESCOVENICE Media Advisory N° 2009 - 12 (13/10/2009) : On Wednesday 14 October 2009, during the 35th session of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris, the UNESCO Venice Office and Gruppo Alcuni will be presenting the trailers of three recent cartoon productions (H2Ooooh! Water, And yet it moves-Galileo, Pet Pals-Marco Polo’s Code) which will highlight current topics such as the protection of the atmosphere, conservation and preservation of the our water, climate change and pollution.

“H2Ooooh Water” is an animated television series, developed by Gruppo Alcuni in collaboration with the UNESCO Venice Office and with RAI Fiction. It invites school children to create stories related to water: its use, its exploitation, its limited availability, and the sharing of conservation tips. Selected stories become animated storyboards that RAI Two will broadcast during the first months of 2010. After the enthusiastic adhesion and reaction by Italian schoolchildren, it has been decided to introduce this initiative to the UNESCO Member States so to promote it on an international level. For the second edition of this initiative, it is hoped to invite young students from the ages of 6 to 15 from around the world to create a storyboard on the topic of the water. The objective is to further extend this project worldwide to collect another 26 animated cartoons on water issues. The actors of this series will be the amusing “Pet Pals”, created by Gruppo Alcuni. These cartoons created by schoolchildren will be an important creative contribution to science education. Children around the world can share in new and fun way their experiences and proposals towards the protection of the environment. Science is transformed into fun and can be taught by children!

“And yet it moves - Galileo” is an extremely innovative television programme that combines animation with live action. The series, created by Gruppo Alcuni in coproduction with RAI Fiction will be televised on RAI 2. These animated modern day “adventures” will attempt to spur youngsters to see the world with a critical and curious eye. Actors Sergio and Francesco, together with many animated cartoon figures will meet Galileo Galilei in person, or rather in the form of the cartoon! Filled with useful information and scientific facts the series, will deal with daily issues/problems facing our planet: such as alternative energy resources, waste, pollution, climate change, the extinction of animal species and plants, intercultural exchange, and food. In each episode, Galileo will explain how they should behave so to anticipate the future, thus avoiding sure ways of bringing about irreparable damages to our planet. As well, demonstrations of understandable scientific experiments which can easily be recreated at home or at school are shown.

“Pet Pals - Marco Polo’s Code”. The presentation at UNESCO will be an opportunity for the public to preview the world-wide projection of the trailer of the new animated film created by Gruppo Alcuni. This film, written by Francesco and Sergio Manfio and directed by the latter, will be screened in 22 Italian cinemas next January 2010. The film starring the Pet Pals characters is situated in Venice and the topic concerns defending the water of the lagoon that encircles the City from the “wicked witch” who wants to destroy it. The film is a coproduction with the Grupo Edebé (Spain) and was funded by contributions from the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Eurimages, and by the MEDIA programme of the European Union.

Photo credit : Gruppo Alcuni

For more information, please visit: www.alcuni.it
Contacts : UNESCO Venice Ms Rosanna Santesso at r.santesso(at)unesco.org; Gruppo Alcuni Ms Giovanna Masobello at giovanna.masobello(at)alcuni.it

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