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Children Teach Water Conservation

After the enthusiastic adhesion by Italian schoolchildren, the Project Water H2Ooooh! is now ready to widen its horizons and involve young students from the SEE Region.


UNESCO Venice Media Advisory N°2010-01 (FYR Macedonia) 14/04/2010 : “Project Water H2Ooooh!” initiated in 2008, is a creative initiative realized by Gruppo Alcuni (Italy) which directly involves children (from concept to final production) to share their stories and conservation tips in a fun way so to raise awareness on water issues and safeguarding the environment.

Primary and/or early secondary school teachers and their students will create a storyboard (using a set of cartoon characters known as Pet Pals) to draw/explain their ideas on how to preserve the freshwater present in streams, rivers and lakes in their countries. 

The Venice Office together with its partners, Gruppo Alcuni and the National Commissions for UNESCO, is pleased to promote this initiative by inviting students from your country to create a storyboard on the themes and issues of water. Deadline for submission is 20 April 2010. From the storyboards submitted, five children will also be selected and will participate in the “behind the scenes” transformation of the storyboard into an animated cartoon. The cartoon will be created and presented during the Ciak Junior Festival from 24-29 May 2010 in Treviso, Italy. 

It has been estimated that 884 million people worldwide do not have access to potable water. Almost 1.5 million children die every year from water-borne diseases. Population growth and increasing urbanization, chemical pollution and invasive species are the main factors contributing to the deterioration of water quality. The consequences for the environment and for mankind are considerable.

In a message delivered on World Water Day (22 March 2010), UNESCO’s Director-General, Ms Irina Bokova, stressed the need to improve water quality. “We already possess the scientific knowledge to make immediate progress in providing clean water and purification facilities … Scientists are developing novel and ingenious ways to protect surface and underground water from pollution and to ensure better water management.”

Mr Engelbert Ruoss, Director of the UNESCO Venice Office, underlines that water should be freely accessible and is a basic human right for all. “A large portion of the water which covers Planet Earth is not suitable for human consumption. Therefore, water, an essential element necessary for survival, becomes a privileged commodity. UNESCO can play an important role in establishing a new worldwide concept of water civilization. Based upon mutual respect for cultural diversity, dialogue, sharing expertise and knowledge as well as encouraging new technologies and water management, it can inform and educate the public, especially youth.”

Author(s): UNESCO Venice Media Advisory N°2010-01
Source: UNESCOVENICE PRESS 14-04-2010

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