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Climate Change and Natural Resources: Impact and Water Challenge

Water Civilizations International Centre 2009Climate change and natural resources

Proceedings of the 2nd training course "European Sustainable Water Goals" held in Venice over 7-11 September 2008. English. 112 pp.


Edited by : Eriberto Eulisse and Lucia Ceccato

Published by : Water Civilizations International Centre 2009

Climate change results from an ongoing process of modification of the atmosphere, with the steady build up of greenhouse gas produced by modern civilisation’s mas­sive use of fossil fuels. The consequences of climate change on the landscape, on agriculture, on the avai­lability of water and on water ecosystems are serious and alarming. Thus the importance of the topic dealt with this year within the European Sustai­nable Water Goals project, a Marie Curie training course brought into being with the collaboration of the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari and the Water Civilizations International Centre (Non Profit Organisation). All papers in this volume are the work of researchers committed to the understan­ding of the process of climate change, its causes, and, most importantly, its possible effects. Today, in order to deal with climate change, a much more rigorous political stance is needed, one that puts shared strategies into action at several levels of governance to bring about a reduction of the dreadful effects we are now seeing. These new policies should give no discount to actions that would further endanger water eco­systems, whose preservation and vitality are indispensable for present and future generations. This course serves as a moment for serious reflection as to the effects of the chan­ging climate on water resources, which up till now have too often been taken for granted. This publication is a further important step in the work of research, educa­tion and information advanced by the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari.

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- Groundwater as an Archive of Climatic and Environmental Change: Europe and Africa
- Climate Change and Groundwater Re­sources
- Vulnerability of Rainfed and Irrigated Agriculture to Climate Change
- Assessing Water Resources Vulnerabili­ty to Climate Change
- Climate Change and Water Manage­ment in the Mediterranean: Decision Processes and the Role of Science and Technology
- A New Era of Water and Food Insecu­rity: Analysis of Links between Produc­tion and Consumption


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