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Climate Change. Discussion scenarios of ecological implications for the Lagoon of Venice

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The world's climate is changing, and it will continue to change throughout the 21st century and beyond. The effects, or impacts, of climate change may be physical, ecological, social or economic. The ecological implications of climate change on the Venice Lagoon will be the topic of the international workshop to be convened in Venice (Italy) from 26 to 27 May 2011, as part of a process initiated in 2010 by UNESCO Venice Office of reflection and consultation to assist the Venetian authorities in developing, through a multi-stakeholders participatory approach, a shared vision for the protection of Venice and its Lagoon, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987.

This process was launched with a view to better promote the natural and cultural assets of a heritage site facing major global economic, social and cultural changes. With a view to the organization of an international conference in 2011 on “The future of Venice and its Lagoon in the context of Global Change”, a series of four preparatory thematic workshops has been foreseen. They aim to discuss and to evaluate the situation of Venice and its lagoon and to develop a “shared vision” for its future. Such a vision is intended to help and guide sound decision-making, help the sustainable management of the World Heritage site of Venice and its Lagoon and, eventually develop into also a source of inspiration for other sites and cities, in particular for World Heritage sites in South-East European and Mediterranean regions. Acting as a neutral broker able to mobilize different fields of expertise, the UNESCO Venice Office intends to contribute to a long-term effort leading to the establishment of a more permanent coordination, planning and monitoring platform for the management of Venice and its Lagoon.

The first workshop organized in 2010 by UNESCO Venice Office in cooperation with the National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR-ISMAR) on the topic of “From Global to Regional: Local Sea Level Rise Scenarios - Focus on the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea” identified multiple plausible sea level rise scenarios by 2100 for the northern Adriatic Sea which will be taken into consideration as a starting point for this second thematic workshop on “Ecological Implications of Climate Change on the Venice Lagoon”. The workshop will outline possible effects of the Hydro-Climatic Change (HCC) on the Lagoon of Venice ecology, specifically the combination of both Climate Change and Sea Level Rise for the end of the Century. The workshop will bring together internationally-recognized scientists with experience in coastal lagoon ecology. The Scientific Panel is composed of Italian scientists who will illustrate the ecological state of the Lagoon of Venice, the climate change and sea level rise scenarios and of international experts who have long studied lagoons’ ecology in different hydro-climatic conditions.


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