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Color as added value. Textile techniques in Bosnia and Herzegovina

© Norbert Heyl Traditional arts & crafts in Bosnia and Herzegovina p. 25

The UNESCO Venice Office - Antenna Office in Sarajevo is convening a workshop on textile techniques titled “Colors as added value” to be held from 29 November to 3 December 2010 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event, jointly organized by UNESCO, the Association for Protection of Bosnian Carpet from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the French European Cultural Network for Development and Cooperation, and the Spanish Foundation for the Innovation of Crafts, is part of the Millennium Development Goals Fund (MDG-F) Joint Programme (JP) on “Improving Cultural Understanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

The workshop will comprise 33 participants from 23 municipalities, craftspeople or individuals directly involved in the production of textile sector crafts (weaving, embroidery, basketry or any fiber work, plastic and recycling, painting on textile and mixed techniques and media). The aim is to improve the skills of the participants through the use of color, taking into account traditional techniques and local cultural specificities, while introducing new design knowledge and ideas. It is meant to create a space of exchange to stimulate innovation, improve quality of textile productions and enhance marketing capacities of Bosnia and Herzegovina craftspeople to access national, regional and international markets. The workshop will be inaugurated on behalf of UNESCO by Sinisa Sesum with a presentation of the MDG-F JP and Renata Radeka, National Programme Manager and Coordinator. On the third day, participants will visit the old Bazaar of Sarajevo “Bascarsija” and take notes on existing products, techniques, materials and the use of color.

The MDG-F Joint Programme on “Improving Cultural Understanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina” is a 3-year programme financed by the Spanish Fund for the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDG-F). It is being implemented by 3 UN Agencies: UNDP, UNESCO and UNICEF, in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, Ministry of Culture and Sports of BiH, Ministry of Education and Culture of RS, as well as other institutions working in the area of education and culture.


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