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Consultancy vacancy Notice; Deadline : 28 October 2009; Department: UNESCO Venice

In the framework of the MDG-F Joint Programme ‘Alliances for Cultural Tourism in Eastern Anatolia’, the UNESCO Office in Venice is looking for qualified candidates to fill in the post of Consultant for training workshop on elaboration of the management plan for the site of Ani (Kars province, Turkey). Interested candidates should submit applications by 28 October 2009 via registered mail or electronically (Letter of Intent, CV, support documents in English) to Training on Management Plan Ms N. Serra Aytun at : s.aytun(at)unesco.org. Please refer to the TOR-s for full information in relation to this consultancy vacancy notice.
|Organizational Context|

Alliances for Cultural Tourism in Eastern Anatolia Project was approved by Turkish Government on 13th of November 2008, is a MDG-F UN Joint Programme (UNJP) aiming to provide relevant local and national authorities with a model for improvement of the existent tourism strategies (i.e. the 2023 Tourism Strategy and 2007-2013 Tourism Strategy and Action Plan) in order to foster cultural tourism in the target area. In so doing, the project aims at supporting sustainable development of the target area, and to mainstream the reduction of regional disparities within the tourism strategies at national level. More specifically, the objective at the end of project is to produce a model for strategic direction, prioritization and safeguarding of tangible and intangible cultural heritage and cultural tourism delivery in Turkey’s less developed regions. Within this framework, official project partners including UNESCO are namely; the Turkish government, through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other UN partner agencies (UNDP, UNWTO, UNICEF).

Within this framework, UNESCO’s contribution will focus on the improvement of local capacities for the protection and management of cultural heritage as a tool for intercultural dialogue and sustainable development, to be mainly reached through capacity-building and training activities for the relevant stakeholders such as local government agencies, local communities, NGOs etc. UNESCO supported action will also contribute to the safeguarding and protection of cultural diversity in the target area and will support the sustainable enhancement of cultural productions and traditional arts and crafts as crucial components in the development of cultural tourism.

|Tasks/Key Results Expected|

Within the framework to the UNJP’s activities under responsibility of UNESCO, the Consultant shall contribute to the preparation and realization of a training-workshop on the preparation of a management plan for the site of Ani, located in the province of Kars (Eastern Anatolia – Turkey). The Consultant shall act upon instructions by and consultations with UNESCO-BRESCE and report directly to UNESCO-BRESCE. Direct beneficiaries and participants in the workshop will be professionals and officers from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, responsible local authorities, and relevant local stakeholders.

|Minimum requirements|

- Master-level degree on cultural heritage management or related topics
- 5-year professional experience in the preparation of site management plans
- Consolidated skills and demonstrated experience in providing training services in the field of cultural heritage management
The following qualifications will be considered as an asset:
- Knowledge of the target area
- Professional experience and knowledge of UNESCO World Heritage Programme and of related instruments and activities
- Proficiency in Turkish

|Working days|

Total contracted time is 12 working days over a maximum period of 1 month (November 2009). Actual days worked may vary according to final workshop programme and other necessities as they arise. Working days are intended to include preparation, provision of training services, and reporting.
Applications (Letter of Intent, CV, support documents in English) shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope or package, clearly labeled, and lodged via registered mail or courier by 28 October 2009, 5:00 p.m. (Turkey Local Time), at the following address:

REF: Training on Management Plan
Ms N. Serra Aytun
NPO, UNESCO Project Antenna Office in Turkey
MDG-F 1792 Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia
UN House - BM Binası
Birlik Mahallesi 2. Cadde No. 11, 06610, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey
Tel. +90 312 454 11 02 fax +90 312 49614 63-65

Or emailed at : s.aytun@unesco.org

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