13.09.2012 - UNESCO Office in Venice

Consultation with Member States and National Commissions of the Europe and North America region on the Preparation of the 37 C/4 and the 37 C/5

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The main purpose of the Director General’s Consultations was to solicit comments and proposals on key principles and priorities related to the 37 C/4 and the 37 C/5, on the basis of the Questionnaires prepared by UNESCO and sent out to Member States and Associate Members, as well as to Intergovernmental Organizations and International Non-Governmental Organizations.

The outcomes of the Consultations will be presented to the Executive Board at its 190th session in October 2012. They helped the Director-General prepare her proposals concerning the Medium-Term Strategy for 2014-2021 and the Programme and Budget for 2014-2017.

The Consultations also provided a good opportunity for National Commissions to discuss key issues and exchange information and experience with the UNESCO Secretariat, including its Field Offices.

An informal sub-regional consultation for South-East European countries was convened by Yolande Valle-Neff, Director of the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe in Venice (Italy), in order to better define their priorities for UNESCO, particularly in the fields of Science and Culture. The meeting with National Commissions of South-East Europe held on 9 September 2012 allowed to establish a fruitful exchange on the challenges for the strategy and programme of work for the region during the next exercise.

National Commissions of the region also participated in the Quadrennial Meeting of National Commissions of the Europe and North America region, held from 12 (afternoon) to 13 September (morning) 2012 in Bratislava.

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