15.09.2011 - UNESCO Venice Office/UNESCO Culture Sector

Contracts on Mostar Spanish Square and Orthodox Church Reconstruction Signed

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Contracts for the reconstruction of the Spanish Square and the restoration of the Orthodox Church were signed yesterday in the Mostar City Administration in the presence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain. The total value of works on reconstruction of the Spanish Square is 950,638 BAM, and the restoration of the Orthodox Church is 200,000 U.S. dollars. Funds were provided by the Spanish Government through the MDG-F programme Culture for Development, with participation of City of Mostar in the amount of 250,000 BAM.

 "I hope that in a few months you will have a square where all citizens will be glad to come to and in a bit more time the Church that was in ruins for a long time will be rehabilitated," said Yuri Afanasiev, Resident Coordinator of UN and UNDP Resident Representative and expressing satisfaction with the beginning of reconstruction of two sites. The works on reconstruction of the Spanish Square will begin as early as next week, and should be completed in four months, while work on the Orthodox Church will take a little longer.

"This represents fulfillment of the debt of our nation not only to Mostar, but also to our soldiers. The names of 22 soldiers and one interpreter are marked on this square, honoring their work for in Bosnia and Herzegovina“, said Alejandro Alvargonzález San Martín, the Ambassador of Spain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar's Orthodox priest, Radivoje Krulj expressed his gratitude and support to continued restoration of the Orthodox Church in Mostar.

"Spanish Square, the central and most beautiful square that will be in the city of Mostar, the square should be the pride of all citizens, but also the pride of the Spanish Government, UNDP and UNESCO. Refurbishment of the High School building, City Hall, and soon the Spanish Square, in addition to what we have done previously, this part of town will be completely new, it will become more urban and have better appearance, which will be less reminiscent of an ugly past, and be an incentive to build a better future for all in Mostar and Herzegovina", said Bešlić.

The value of works on reconstruction of the Spanish Square, which will make the company Hering is 875,638 BAM and the City of Mostar is participating with 250,000, UNDP with 523,245 and UNESCO with 102,293 KM within the MDG-F Culture and Development, which is funded by means of the Spanish Government. UNDP will also for the arrangement of the horticulture at the Spanish square, set aside about 75,000 marks.

The total value of works for the restoration of the Orthodox Church in Mostar, within the contract signed by UNESCO and Gemaks Company, is 200,000 U.S. dollars.

The Programme Culture for Development is a three-year programme funded by the Spanish Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund which is being implemented in partnership of three UN Agencies: UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO, in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, Ministry of Culture and Sports of FBiH, Ministry of Education and Culture of RS, as well as other institutions working in the area of education and culture.

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