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Delivering as One: Lessons from Country-Led Evaluations and Way Forward

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UNESCOVENICE news (14/06/2010) UN joint initiatives: The High Level Tripartite Conference on “Delivering as One: Lessons from Country-Led Evaluations and Way Forward” will take place over 14-16 June in Hanoi, Viet Nam with the overall purpose to contribute to on-going efforts to improve the coherence, effectiveness and relevance of the United Nations development system in line with the 2007 TCPR resolution (GA Resolution 62/208) and the 2009 Resolution on System-Wide Coherence (GA Resolution 63/311).


The Conference is expected to be attended by representatives of around 40 countries, including from pilot countries, other countries voluntarily adopting or interested in the DaO approach, donor countries, principals of the UN system (Deputy Secretary General, chair and vice-chair of the United Nations Development Group) and senior staff from the UN system. The co-chairs of the System-Wide Coherence consultation process of the 64th Session of the General Assembly and of the Joint Coordinating Committee of the G-77, and the Non-Aligned Movement are equally invited to take part in the Conference.

UNESCO will be represented by Engelbert Ruoss, Director of the Venice Office, for the South East European region. UNESCO recently contributed to the elaboration of the forthcoming Delivering as One Programme in Montenegro. UNESCO also continues to be a strong partner in the Delivering as One Albania and took part in the UNCT retreat in December 2009 starting to plan for the next Delivering as One programme cycle starting in 2012.

The Conference which started today represents an important opportunity to review achievements and challenges related to the Delivering as One approach. After 3 years of piloting new ways of working together for a more relevant and efficient support by the UN system to national development priorities, this Conference represents the first opportunity, based on the findings of the country-led evaluations, to learn lessons and arrive at recommendations for a way forward.

Drawing guidance from General Assembly resolutions 62/208 and 63/311, the specific objectives of the Conference are to : a) share findings and conclusions from the Country-Led Evaluations (CLEs) of pilot country experiences, b) set out an agenda for further actions required to enhance, deepen and expand the Delivering as One approach for those countries that are adopting it on a voluntary basis, c) communicate more broadly progress and critical issues of the Delivering as One initiative to concerned parties, so as to mobilize support of programme and donor countries as well as the UN system in view to strengthen reforms, d) based on the country-led evaluations, inform the independent evaluation of Delivering as One scheduled to take place in 2010-2011 as well as the forthcoming intergovernmental process concerning system-wide coherence in general and operational activities for development of the UN system in particular of the lessons learned from the delivering as One experiences.

Conference website : http://www.undg.org/hanoi2010

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