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Developing the Biosphere Reserves Network In SEE and the Caucasus Regions. Antalya (Turkey) 15-19 February 2010

The international workshop on Developing the Biosphere Reserves Network In SEE and the Caucasus Regions will be held from 15 to 19 February 2010 in the Hotel Titanic, Antalya (Turkey). The event is jointly organised by UNESCO Office in Venice and the Moscow Office, in cooperation with the Turkish National Commission for UNESCO and MAB National Committee. 

Building on experiences developed so far, the Workshop intends to explore topics of common interest that could then be further investigated in the frame of a new coordinated experimental programme related to BRs in the region, allowing for the development of management guidelines and models to be extended to the most of the countries involved. To this end, the opportunities for the establishment of new BRs in the region will also be examined, and the main EU funding opportunities for cooperation initiatives (possible BRs joint project proposals) will be explored. 

The Workshop is on invitation only, and is targeting: 
• MAB representatives, BR Managers and Experts from the SEE/CAUCASUS Regions that already advanced in implementing the BR concept and are willing to share this experience; 
• Representatives of Institutions and Territories interested in joining the network of Biosphere Reserves; 
• Experts and representatives of scientific institutions interested to invest on applied research in BRs. 
• Turkish managers, experts and representative of institutions interested in the MAB related activities in their country.

International participants will be selected by the organisers, seeking the best balance among the above mentioned categories. In that context, it is expected that each of country concerned to assign two participants for the Workshop. 

The whole Workshop is structured so to allow a detailed presentation and discussion of Case Studies and practical experiences in and around Biosphere Reserves in the region. Based on this, it is expected that the Workshop should deliver: 
1. A common research agenda for Biosphere Reserves in SEE and the Caucasus Regions; 
2. The creation of the necessary ownership and stimulus to the participants in order to become fully engaged in implementing this agenda and disseminating the lessons to be learned; 
3. Initial proposals for the extension of Biosphere Reserves in SEE and Caucasus.

All sessions will be conducted in English (no translation facilities will be available). All official documentation and materials will be available in English language. 

Photo credit : Hadrian's Gate, one of the gates on the walls of the old city of Antalya (Kaleiçi)/Wiki commons 
Contact Organizer: Nihat Zal Turkish National commission for UNESCO 
Contact UNESCO : Philippe Pypaert 

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