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Education for Sustainable Development in MAB Biosphere Reserves. Lavrion (Greece), 22-24 June 2009

    The International Training Workshop on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in MAB Biosphere Reserves (MAB BRS) & other specially designated areas in SEE and the Mediterranean will be held from 22 to 24 June 2009 in Greece.

    In a series of international meetings (International Conference on Biosphere Reserves<//font><//font><//font><//font> - Seville 1995, World Congress of Biosphere reserves<//font><//font><//font><//font> - Madrid 2008) it has been suggested that Biosphere Reserves (BRs), more than any other type of designated areas, should be used as open learning platforms for the implementation of educational activities. Such an orientation is today of particular importance in the context of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UN-DESD<//font><//font><//font><//font>), and during the last EuroMAB meeting Bridging Science and Society<//font><//font><//font><//font> (Turkey 2007), participants agreed that concrete ESD experiences should be developed within the European/Mediterranean network of BRs.

    The wider aim of the workshop is to inform, exchange views and train on ESD those staff of MAB BRs, as well as bodies of other kind of designated areas (Protected Areas - PAs), who are in charge of educational activities in their area. More specifically the training aims at preparing the participants on possible ways to apply new educational material entitled “ESD in MAB BRs and other specially designated areas” that is being currently drafted in English Language. This material has been developed based on an initial Greek version that was thoroughly amended and enriched in order to accommodate specificities of South Eastern European and Mediterranean countries. Before its final edition in fact, UNESCO and MIO-ECSDE expect that this material could be used and “tested” for one year by those participants in the workshop interested to further develop their ESD Programmes at their respective BRs and other PAs. Their comments and evaluations (based on detailed questionnaires) would then be collected and discussed in a second workshop to be organized by the end of 2010, so that a final version of the educational material could be edited and published for its wider dissemination in the region.


    The whole workshop is structured around the new publication “ESD in MAB BRs and other Specially Designated Areas”. Therefore the expected results of the workshop are the following: 1. The preliminary “testing” of the educational material “ESD in MAB BRs and other specially designated areas” by the participants and collection of their views and comments for further elaboration of the text; 2. The mutual learning and training of participants on the new concepts and methods of ESD, that are presented in the educational material “ESD in MAB BRs and other specially designated areas”. 3. The creation of the necessary ownership and stimulus to the participants in order to become fully engaged in actually applying and “putting to the test” the material in their work within a MAB BR or other form of PA.


    The organisers of the Workshop are : UNESCO Office in Venice (unesco.org/venice<//font><//font><//font><//font>); Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture & Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSD mio-ecsde.org<//font><//font><//font><//font>) through the MEdIES Secretariat (medies.net<//font><//font><//font><//font>; University of Athens/Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry (chem.uoa.gr/<//font><//font><//font><//font>); Centre of Environmental Education of Lavrion, Greece. The training workshop is targeting practitioners of ESD from the SE European and the Mediterranean Region that apply programmes “in the field”, and are open to value a territorial approach with school students, adult visitors, etc. The participants will be selected on the basis of their expertise on the field of ESD, MAB BRs and PAs, seeking the best balance.
    Photo credit : ©Parcul Naţional Retezat
    For further information, contact the Workshop secretariat at info@mio-ecsde.org<//font><//font><//font><//font>



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