19.03.2012 - UNESCO Office in Venice

Encouraging the growth and diffusion of scientific culture in Italy

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UNESCO Venice Office supports Le Scienze Web News (LSWN), an independent online magazine that encourages the growth and diffusion of scientific culture in Italy by facilitating science communication between institutions, industries, research environment and the public as well as promoting events like festivals and conferences as a media partner.

Le Scienze Web News’s primary goal is to produce a high-quality editorial product that is far from exploitation and sensationalism by collaborating with a panel of researchers from different subject areas who are often the authors of the numerous articles published in magazines. They strongly believe that popular science mainly facilitates the evolution of a well-informed society by making it aware of the risks and advantages of scientific progress in short, the responsibilities relating with science. Before publishing, all articles go to a strict review process by the editorial board including a panel of Italian, European and international journalists and researchers of different areas of expertise.

Le Scienze Web News is attentively watching those researchers who intend to contribute to the spreading of scientific research in society with the writing and the publication of accessible articles. Writing to be understood is a complicated task since each publication introduces terms relating to specific fields of research and targets people with different scientific training. Its audience is made up of scientists, students, journalists and fans. 

The guidelines outlined by Le Scienze Web News is an effective way of providing new generations of science reporters with an opportunity to publish their articles. Not only, this approach reflects the UNESCO Venice Office’s mission and role of acting as a clearinghouse for the dissemination and sharing of information and knowledge and for reinforcing capacity building in the focus area in the field of science and culture. It is also an opportunity to enhance the responsible and ethical reporting of science.

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