09.01.2012 - UNESCO Office in Venice/MDG-F Serbia

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources of Energy as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Rural Development

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The workshop ‘Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources of Energy as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Rural Development’, held in the municipal building in Vrsac, on 26 December 2011, was the first of 12 workshops planned to be organised within the joint UN programme ‘Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development’ in the regions of Central and East Serbia, Lower Danube and South Banat on Danube. The programme is financed by the Millennium Development Goals Fund of the Spanish Government.

The aim of these workshops is to train, on the local level, as many key actors as possible, on the efficient energy consumption and effects it may have on the natural environment, as well as drawing attention of participants on alternative sources of energy. Realisation of maximal economic and social benefit from the development of rural tourism, while at the same time protecting and improving the quality of the natural environment, is one of the goals of this joint UN programme.

The workshop comprised the following thematic areas: contemporary energy technologies for tourism sector with examples of good practices; renewable sources of energy; energy management and measures in the tourism sector; financing and implementation of projects; and legal framework in EU and Serbia.

The gathering was organised in co-operation with the Network for Rural Development, and the participants were representatives of the NGO sector, providers of tourism services, representatives of the local self-government and local Tourism Organisation in Vrsac, the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development etc. Lecturers were professors of the Technical Faculty of the University in Novi Sad and the representative of the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning. The event was followed by local media.

Source : http://rs.one.un.org/strd/media-room/269/


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