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ESOF 2010 addresses issues related to Gender Equality in Science

©M. Koren, Weizmann Institute of ScienceAna Yonath, Nobel Chemistry Laureate

During the biennial multi-disciplinary, pan-European ESOF2010 (EuroScience Open Forum), an expert panel will address on 5 July 2010 issues related to gender equality in science in a dedicated session entitled “The world needs science … Science needs women”.


Invited speakers will provide interested media and public with a firsthand opportunity to learn more about nowadays challenges in reaching gender equality in the field of science and technology :

- Renée Clair Division of Basic and Engineering Sciences, UNESCO, France;
Ada Yonath 2008 FWIS Laureate for Europe and 2009 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Israel
Jennifer Campbell Secretary General, The L'Oréal Corporate Foundation, France
Lidia Brito Director of the Division of Science Policy and Sustainable development, UNESCO, France; and
- Federica Migliardo 2008 FWIS International Fellow and Università di Messina, Italy

Women in scientific research are still a minority, accounting for only 30% of researchers in the EU in 2006. Women's academic careers remain markedly characterized by strong vertical segregation: the proportion of female students (55%) and graduates (59%) exceeds that of male students, but women represent only 44% of grade C academic staff, 36% of grade B academic staff and 18% of grade A academic staff (Source She Figures, 2009).

These data point out that the "glass ceiling" still exists. What are the reasons for this "brain-drain" among women in academia? And which are possible solutions? In this session, through the experience of the speakers, we would like to provide innovative answers to these questions in order to attract young women to science and to give a voice to exceptional women in science who are helping to change the world. This is the mission that has joined L'Oréal and UNESCO since 1998 with the creation of the For Women in Science Programme, which has to date recognized and supported over 900 women scientists worldwide.

See also : www.womeninscience.co.uk/

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