19.11.2010 -

Ethno Museum Opens in Jajce

©Pavle Banjac, UN Communication OfficerEthno Museum Opens in Jajce

Native ethnological collection of Jajce, that has been restored by the MDG-F Programme Culture for Development, has been officially opened today by H.E. Alejandro Alvargonzález San Martin, Ambassador of Kingdom of Spain in BiH, H.E. Yuri Afanasiev, UN Resident Coordinator, and Mr. Niset Hrnjić Mayor of Municipality of Jajce in the presence of over 60 visitors.


UN in Bosnia and Herzegovina news (MDG-F Culture and Development) 19-11-2010 :

Ambassador of Kingdom of Spain in BiH H.E. Alejandro Alvargonzález San Martin addressed to the public with the following:  “I come from the country that is very similar to yours. In our country you can find traces of history and heritage which vary in different parts of the country and between different nations, and we are very proud of that. This Project does only not concern historical heritage. It also refers to our pride of what we are and what each of us is. We can only build our future by doing it together. You live in these beautiful landscapes, in this beautiful town that will grow more beautiful every day which depends only on yourselves”.

Expressing his gratitude with what has been done and announcing new joint projects for the monumental values of the town Jajce, Yuri Afanasiev, UN Resident Coordinator in BiH spoke about the positive changes in reconstruction of monuments that have taken place in Jajce in the recent years and expressed appreciation to the Government of Spain on the funds invested in the cultural development program in BiH.   

By expressing appreciation to UN, UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF, Government of Kingdom of Spain, Ministry of Civil Affairs BiH, entity ministries of culture as well as entity institutes for protection of monuments, Mayor of the Municipality of Jajce Nisvet Hrnjić stressed the great responsibility and obligation of Jajce to preserve and cherish its cultural and historical heritage, further processes of restoring and making available those monumental values to the people and visitors of Jajce.   

MDG-F Program „Culture for Development“ is a three-year programme which is being  implemented in partnership of the three United Nations agencies in BiH: UNDP, UNESCO and UNCEF in cooperation with the StateMinistry of Civil Affairs, FBiH Ministry of Culture and Sports and RS ministry of Education and Culture. Programme is funded by the Spanish Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F)

Source : http://www.un.ba/index.aspx?PID=7&RID=463

Photo credits : Ethno Museum Opens in Jajce ©Pavle Banjac, UN Communication Officer

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