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Call for participation: ETNOFILm 4 - Visual Anthropology Workshop ‘Space, Place and Identity’, Rovinj, 2012 (Deadline : 10 February 2012)

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The ETNOFILm visual anthropology and film editing workshop will take place in Rovinj, Croatia, from 27 April to 3 May 2012. This fourth edition of the ETNOFILm – Festival of Ethnographic Film is organized by the Ethnographic Museum of Istria, with the support of the UNESCO Venice Office. Under the theme of ‘Space, Place and Identity’, the workshop will draw attention to the critical role of space and place in audiovisual representation across the social sciences, arts and humanities. Questions of space and place further shape the formation of different identities, whether individual subjects, groups, institutions, regions or ecosystems.

The event is open to students in anthropology and related disciplines, and to anyone interested in anthropological issues and filmmaking. Previous knowledge and basic experience in visual anthropology (or other social sciences and filmmaking) is welcome. Participants should bring their own video camera and, if possible, their own laptop computer with video editing software (Final Cut or Adobe Premiere) installed. To those who do not possess a laptop and editing software, the workshop will provide the necessary equipment.

This year's programme will be divided into 3 parts:

1. Introduction to Visual Anthropology – Theory and Methodology (Lecturer: Dr Alan Grossman, Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice, Dublin, Ireland)

2. Concept and Project Development in Visual Anthropology  (Lecturer: Dr Alan Grossman, Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice, Dublin – Ireland)

3. Editing – Theory and Practice (Lecturer: Vlado Gojun, Academy of Performing Arts and Drama, Zagreb – Croatia)

In an additional session, invited museum professionals, ethnologists and visual anthropologists from South-East European countries will discuss the relationship between audiovisual media, representation and intangible heritage research.

With the aim to foster discussion and create a space for future collaborations, short video works produced during the workshop will be screened on the last day (first Festival day), together with similar films made last year at the Documentary and Anthropological Filmmaking Course (CEU Summer University, Budapest).

Participants will be introduced to theoretical and methodological issues in visual anthropology; they will learn how to develop their own projects; they will improve their knowledge in using a video camera and managing editing software; and, they will gain the ability to use audiovisual media in documentation and/or research process of cultural and social phenomena. Finally, participants will produce a video on a specific theme as a result of practical filming and editing exercises during the workshop.  


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