03.12.2010 -

EU Project PSI-CONNECT First Advisory Board meeting. Palazzo Zorzi. Venice, Italy. 8-10 December 2010

The first Advisory Board meeting of the EU Project PSI-CONNECT dedicated to “Connecting Policy and Science through Innovative Knowledge Brokering in the field of Water Management and Climate Change” will be hosted by UNESCO Venice Office.


UNESCO's membership in the Advisory Board is represented by Philippe Pypaert, UNESCO Senior Programme Specialist. PSI-connect is a three-year collaborative project funded under EC FP7. Through experimentation with and development of innovative knowledge brokering instruments, PSI-connect aims to improve the quality and value of interactions between the science base and river basin managers and policy makers in the field of climate change impacts on river systems.

PSI-connect will generate insight into how the science policy gap can be bridged in the context of water management and climate change; develop and test different types of knowledge brokering instruments in concrete policy situations at the European, national and regional level; provide descriptions of different types of knowledge brokering instruments and conditions for their successful application; and introduce different science and policy actors to knowledge brokering instruments through case studies, thus encouraging a further dissemination of the tools to a wider audience. The long term impact of the project will be ensured through initiation of problem or sector specific forums for information exchange and deliberation, the Knowledge Brokerage Collectives.

The project flyer and the provisional programme are available for download from  the right menu. For more information visit the website : http://www.psiconnect.eu/

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