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Eurosun2012 ISES-Europe Solar Conference

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"Solar energy for a brighter future" is the overarching theme of the biennial solar conference EuroSun2012 which will be held, under the patronage of UNESCO, on 18-20 September in Rijeka, Croatia. The conference will address solar energy as the most important and most reliable energy source for the future. Scientists, industrialists, academicians and entrepreneurs will discuss the latest cutting-edge technology advancements and opportunities in the field of solar energy and other renewables.

UNESCO has granted its patronage to EuroSun2012: Solar energy for a brighter future, an international conference organized by the Croatian Solar Energy Association and the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) - Europe. Yolande Valle-Neff, Director of the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe - Venice (Italy), will represent the Organization in this event.

The conference offers a versatile, first-class scientific programme which includes plenary keynote lectures, technical and poster sessions, roundtable discussions, workshops and a students' master course on solar energy applications. Technical tours of solar energy systems and trade exhibition of solar energy products are also foreseen during the Conference.

The conference will address a number of topics, from modern solar energy applications and technologies to plans for future harnessing of solar energy. The main topic areas (and chairpersons) are:

  • Solar heating systems (Elimar Frank, Switzerland)
  • Solar cooling systems (Daniel Mugnier, France)
  • Solar energy in buildings (Ljubomir Miščević, Croatia)
  • Solar energy system components (Istvan Farkas, Hungary)
  • Solar electricity and other applications (Jan-Olof Dalenbäck, Sweden)
  • Solar energy frameworks (Branko Bošnjaković, Switzerland)

Additional information is available online: http://www.eurosun2012.org

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