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Excellence in Basic and Engineering Sciences and Education (EBES2010)

Fortress Nis, Serbia/Wikipedia Ivan Muljevski

Excellence in Basic and Engineering Sciences and Education (EBES2010) will be held from 18– 21 February 2010 in the Regional Centre for Professional Development of Educators in Niš, Serbia.

This meeting is a part of the project activities of UNESCO Office in Venice, Faculty of Science and Mathematics Niš, Southeastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics – SEENET-MTP Network and Niš International Office for Science, Education and Culture – NIOSEC (to be established), supported by the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technological Development, under the auspices of the City of Niš.

Basic and Engineering Sciences and Education have a central place in educational and scientific system of modern society and their development has a great impact on many segments of the economy and society.

Creating a database of scientific capacities, working through the examples of Niš and Craiova, will be used to exchange ideas about sustainable development strategy of Science and Education in the region. Assessment of capacity in the Balkan region in the Basic and Engineering Sciences and Education, especially in Physics and Mathematics is the basic theme of the meeting.

The possibility of forming a proposal elements and priority areas of joint scientific-educational policy, the establishment of networks of institutions and individuals at the regional level, connecting basic science with the economic and cultural trends, the inclusion of local government in such projects and experience of scientific and technological parks are the subject of the round table that is part of the meeting.

webpage : http://www.seenet-mtp.info/events/network-meetings/excellence-in-basic-and-engineering-sciences-and-education/#more-610

Contact : SEENET-MTP Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Nis Visegradska 33 P.O.Box 224 18000 Nis SERBIA E-mail: office@seenet-mtp.info or gorandj@junis.ni.ac.rs Phones: +381 18 274-660, +381 18 533-015/ext 47 Fax: +381 18 274-660, +381 18 533-014

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