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First Regional Science Promotion Conference on the agenda in Serbia in fall

© First Regional Science Promotion Conference

The First Regional Science Promotion Conference is co-organized by the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), and the Center for the Promotion of Science. The event will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, from 2-3 October 2013 under the patronage of UNESCO; and, it will gather science promotion professionals, practitioners and enthusiasts from our region to share experience, network and formulate the next steps towards strengthening the link between science and society. It is time to meet, discuss challenges and share experiences. The region is rich in creative people who share similar cultural background, so synergy should be easy to establish. It is an invitation to explore how to increase the scientific culture in the region and identify the short and long term strategic goals of science promotion.

Keynote sessions will bring on board international experts and organization representatives of research and education institutions, science camps and media. They will address the topic of science promotion and communication challenges and open the debate on how to: strengthen the link between science and society through communication between the state and local institutions, research organizations, academic community, media and the public; improve the scientific culture in the region via public popular science programs; increase the role of media in the promotion of science and education; emphasize the role of science centers and science camps in the popularization of science; improve science communication and language of scientists and researchers allowing them to present their work in a comprehensive manner; and, use science and innovation to boost economic development. Exploring challenges and finding synergies along the way could result in the identification of short- and long‐term strategic goals for the development of dynamic societies open to the challenges of the future.

UNESCO believes that Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) are key components for propelling economic and social development and ensuring sustainability. Promoting STI is, therefore, crucial to development and to creating strong knowledge societies where all stakeholders can be engaged. In light of this, the Organization strongly supports this important initiative and has granted its patronage.

The programme will include:

  1. Popular Science Events
  2. Media and Science
  3. Science Camps
  4. Science Center Communication Towards the Public
  5. Science Communication From Research Institutions Towards the Public

As a back-to-back programme with the South East European Science Journalism School to be organized from 3-5 October 2013 by the UNESCO Venice Office, in collaboration with the Center for the Promotion of Science, participants will have the opportunity to share experiences and information about science topics in the media in the South East European region. Journalists will discuss the ways of presenting scientific topics in an attractive way as well as the possibilities of strengthening the network of science journalists in the region through the Balkan Network of Science Writers.

Deadline for registration to the First Regional Science Promotion Conference is 15 September 2013.

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