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First TV Release of "H2Ooooh!. 24 May 2010. Rai 2

© Gruppo AlcuniH2OoooH! TV release : Episode 4/Lina's problem

A new extraordinary animated series by Gruppo Alcuni, having the six Pet Pals as protagonists and focused on the issue of water protection. One more extraordinary cartoon series for the younger audience, proposed by Gruppo Alcuni. We will have the possibility to watch it on Rai 2: the FIRST TV RELEASE is scheduled from Monday 24th May.


From Monday to Friday, at the end of the magazine programme Cartoon Flakes, the 3D animated series “H2Ooooh!” (created by Francesco Manfio and Sergio Manfio, who is also the director), realized in collaboration with UNESCO Venice Office and with RAI Fiction, is coming. In this brand-new series the Pet Pals are committed to the protection of the environment on all fronts.

How was this series born? Laura Messina, psychopedagogical advisor of Gruppo Alcuni and member of the Department of Education Science at the University of Padua, stated that “…the only practicable way so that information can reach youngsters is that of involving them directly into the activity of education …”.

The series “H2Ooooh!” definitely goes in this direction, since it proposes dealing with some very topical themes connected to water, encouraging youngsters to actively give their creative contribution to such issues and enabling them to share their own experience and their proposals for the protection of the environment.

In dramatic moments like the ones we are experiencing nowadays – when the company British Petroleum even published a website to gather some useful suggestions how to stop the terrible oil spill caused in the gulf of Mexico – it is clear that it is more and more important to make youngsters active protagonists in the protection of the water heritage, which represents their future.

More in detail, the project “H2Ooooh!”, which has lead to the realization of this TV series, was given a start with the active involvement of 6,000 students ages 6 to 16 from 280 Italian schools.

Youngsters have realized some short stories and storyboards on the water subject: the use and exploitation, the pollution and safeguard of water, the limited availability and recycling possibilities of water, the great water civilizations, etc.

Francesco Manfio and Sergio Manfio, along with Engelbert Ruoss, Director of UNESCO Venice Office, selected, out of the 566 storyboards received, the most interesting stories, which were turned into 26 short animated cartoons by Gruppo Alcuni’s animation staff.

Every cartoon faithfully respects the plot and the graphic design devised by the young authors: the group of the Pet Pals is the thread of this series. The Pet Pals are also the protagonists of the homonymous series already broadcast on RAI 2, as well as of the feature-length film “Pet Pals – Marco Polo’s Code”, a box office success since its first release in cinemas and now available also on DVD.

In each episode a child, or a group of children, will discover a “problem” related to water. Young people, for example, have shown themselves to be very sensitive to the problem of sea and aquifer pollution caused by industries. The protagonists of this cartoon, along with the Pet Pals, will try to understand the causes of this problem and to propose a practicable solution to it. Despite the complexity of the issues dealt with, in every episode an attempt will be made to make young viewers aware that finding a solution is possible, also thanks to their help. Their help may take shape by throwing light on the problem, by having a correct behaviour (e.g. without wasting any water), by sensitizing their parents and adults to this problem, etc.

With the story “The little blue fish”, for example, the students of a secondary school narrate about how an oil spill is polluting the sea and killing its inhabitants. These youngsters, though they cannot imagine that sometimes problems are so complex that cannot be solved immediately, would suggest calling the marine guard, so as to clean water and make sure that fish can breathe again...

Here below some more topics dealt with by the young, which will be recurring in this series: Water pollution; Waste and exploitation; The re-use and recycle of water; The limited availability of water resources; The protection of water resources; The natural cycle of water; The great water civilizations (Egypt, The Netherlands, etc. …).

For further information and for receiving some images of this series, please contact: Giovanna Masobello – Chief Press Officer of Gruppo Alcuni giovanna.masobello(at)alcuni.it – http://www.alcuni.it

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