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Fourth HERITY International Conference: How The Cultural Heritage Is Communicated?

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On 5, 6 and 7 December 2012, the Vatican Museums will host the fourth edition of the international conference on Cultural Heritage, convened by HERITY for 6 years now, with the involvement of scholars, decision-makers, students and citizens from over 30 countries. Organized in partnership with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, WTO and ICCROM, this year the conference will aim to evaluate the quality of the transmission of the cultural message by means of a comparative analysis of the various means of communication, strategies and results achieved.

Yolanda Valle-Neff, Director of the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), will represent UNESCO at this year’s edition of HERITY international conference on “How The Cultural Heritage is communicated? Public, Specialists, Managers and Institutions: evaluating the quality of the transmission of the cultural message”.

Previous editions of this international conference organized every two years were held in 2006: Quality in Cultural Heritage Management: models and methods of classification, 2008: Measuring the Value of material Cultural Heritage, and 2010 on Observing Cultural Heritage: evaluating the state of conservation and communicating it to the public. The conferences follow the order of the 4 sectors of the “HERITY target”, used to score the level of quality management of a cultural asset: Value, Conservation, Communication and Services. 

The scope of this conference includes all museums, monuments, libraries, archives and archaeological sites, open to the public and under some form of management whether public or private. Being communication one of the most abused issues speaking about Cultural Heritage, it is important to discuss strategies, compare alternative tools for communication, and assess the results achieved.

The sessions of HERITY 2012 include:

a) How does one understand the message(s) of Cultural Heritage?

b) Tools for informing and involving visitors, specialists, supporters and politicians

c) Assessment tools and the HERITY experience

d) Posters and cases study

The Conference is aimed at managers of heritage places open to the public, managing companies, specialists in conservation, politicians and public administrators, tourism professionals and guides, educational services to cultural places, students and professors from schools and universities and, visitors of cultural heritage places.

Conclusions are reached thanks to ICCROM, UNESCO-WHC, UN-WTO and HERITY International.

Website: http://www.herity.it/HERITY2012.htm

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