21.05.2009 -

Gender Stereotypes in Science. Case studies in South Eastern European countries. Durrës, Albania 24-25 May 2009

Within the framework of the UNESCO project ‘Promoting Exellence through Gender Equality’, the Regional Seminar ‘Gender Stereotypes in Science. Case studies in South Eastern European countries’ will take place on 24 and 25 May 2009 in Adriatic Hotel, Durrës (Albania).

This event is jointly organized locally by the Gender Alliance for Development Centre (GADC) and the UNESCO Office in Venice - UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe (BRESCE) Science Unit. Twelve country studies elaborated within the framework of a BRESCE supported project on ‘Promoting Excellence through Gender Equality’, will be presented and discussed during the Seminar . A meeting dedicated to Albanian women scientists in the presence of Ms Adriana Gjonaj, Vice-Minister of Education and Science, and of Ms Marjeta Zace, Deputy Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities will take place on Monday, 25 May. The aim of this meeting is, on the one hand, to present and discuss the results of the research undertaken by each participating country, and, on the other hand, to take a forward looking approach related to gender issues in science in the SEE region. The implementation of this seminar will contribute to establish a regional network in science and to assist women scientists in becoming more visible and promoting their work and values, toward gender equality. During the seminar the SEE experience is going to be shared with all the participants. Through this regional seminar we intend to share commom concerns that can be addressed only by working together and in partnership with men toward the common goal of gender equality.


Photo credit : Poster with front cover of weekly newspaper ‘Vremea’ FYROM (3/09/2006) “The First Ladies of the University: Prostitutes or Public Conscience?” featuring 5 women scientists and University Professors

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