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Government and UN Launch Programme on Enhancing Inter-Ethnic Dialogue

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The Secretariat for Implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement together with three UN Agencies – UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO, launched the comprehensive programme entitled “Enhancing Inter-Ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration”.


UNDP The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia news (24-02-2010)

This US$ 4 million programme is funded by the MDG Achievement Fund, established with the generous support of the Government of Spain. It will be implemented by the Secretariat for Implementation of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Local Self-Government and ZELS with the support of the three UN agencies. During the next three years, activities will focus on three ethnically mixed municipalities - Kicevo, Kumanovo and Struga. Throughout the programme civil society, academia, teachers, community leaders, artists and journalists will be engaged. All partners will be actively involved in working towards the programme’s goal – to enhance community dialogue and collaboration to foster a coherent and functional society, based on peace and trust, which values and promotes its diversity. <a s_oc="null" href="content/userfiles/file/Inter-Ethnic%20Brochure%20final.pdf"></a>

The programme is positive and proactive in its approach. It aims to strengthen national and local level capacities to promote and maintain a multi-cultural civic identity. Some examples of what the programme will do are:  establish an institutional pool of experts for community mediation and problem solving, help schools foster inter-cultural values, work with parent-teacher bodies, award grants for local initiatives and support a major interfaith conference in May 2010.

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