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GRAND PRIX AFEX 2010 French Architecture in the world. Palazzo Zorzi - Venice, Italy. 27 August - 31 October 2010


Awarding ceremony on 27 August in the presence of a representative of France’s Minister of Culture and Communication to: Woman’s University EWHA Seoul, Korea, DOMINIQUE PERRAULT ARCHITECTURE, 2008. The exhibition "Elsewhere: French Architecture throughout the world" will be dedicated to the winner and the other 10 prizewinning projects.

UNESCO Venice Office supports the event which is organized every 2 years, in the frame of the Venice Architecture Biennale. The AFEX Grand Prix rewards an outstanding project undertaken by a French architect outside France. This year the Prix will be presented by the Heritage Director General from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication on 27 August 2010 at 7 pm. at UNESCO Venice Office's Palazzo Zorzi. 

10 prizewinning projects 2010

Train Station, Wuhan, China, AREP, 2009; French High School, Damas, Syria, ATELIERS LION, 2008; Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece, BERNARD TSCHUMI ARCHITECTS, 2009; Airport Terminal Extension, Marrakech, Morocco, COSTANTINI REGEMBAL, 2008; European Law Courts, Luxembourg, DOMINIQUE PERRAULT ARCHITECTURE, 2008; EWHA Women’s University, Seoul, Korea, DOMINIQUE PERRAULT ARCHITECTURE, 2008; McNay Museum Extension/Rehabilitation, San Antonio, USA, JEAN-PAUL VIGUIER, 2008; Footbridge, Yangzhou, China, MARC MIMRAM, 2010; Louis Vuitton Shoe Factory, Fiesso d’Artico, Italy, SANDROLINI ARCHITECT, 2009; Harmonia Artist Studios, San Paulo, Brazil, TRIPTYQUE, 2008

Prize Winner

The Prize winner is : EWHA Women’s University in Seoul, Korea, 2008. DOMINIQUE PERRAULT ARCHITECTURE

For this project that caters for 20,000 students, Dominique Perrault has dug a large groove covered by a rooftop garden. The group is composed of academic buildings (teaching, sports, library spaces), administrative but also commercial and cultural spaces (theatre, cinema,...). A sensitive, landscaped physical relationship is created between the university and the city as well as between the spaces above and those below.

"Cradled within the heart of the Seoul university campus, Campus Valley is more landscape than architecture. Nature, playing fields, activity spaces and university premises mix, entangle and interrelate. The site is carved out by a vast "crevice" that, on one hand, gently slopes down and on the other, climbs up in steps that can be used as a grandstand."

Prize/Photographic Exhibition: Elsewhere: French Architecture throughout the world

The prizewinner will receive an original portfolio and large-format prints taken for the Grand Prix by the world renown photographer Juan-Manuel Castro Prieto of VU’ Agency and Gallery.

Photographs of the 10 nominated projects by 10 different photographers will be exhibited from 28 August 2010 at Palazzo Zorzi until the end of October. Subsequently the exhibition will travel to Paris and to French Embassies.

Organizer & Partners 

The first edition of the AFEX Grand Prix of French World Architecture is organized under the patronage of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Culturesfrance, in partnership with VU’ Agency / Abvent Group, the Moniteur Group and  with the support of UNESCO Venice office, BNP Paribas Real Estate and Hewlett Packard.


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