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Handicrafts as a Factor of Socio-Economic Development and Employment Generation

© Zhulieta Harasani Field trip personal “hands-on” experience

Arts and crafts as a factor contributing to cultural heritage and cultural tourism and as a tool for achieving the MDGs were the main topics of 3-day workshop held as part of the Millennium Development Goals Fund (MDG-F) Joint Programme on Improving Cultural Understanding in BiH over 29 June - 1 July 2010 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).


UN Bosnia and Herzegovina News (16-7-2010)

This second workshop aimed to build capacities of artistic entrepreneurs from 23 municipalities countrywide that are either implementing the Programme, or their project applications were among the highest rated in the Programme’s selection process.

More than 25 cultural administrators, managers of organizations and craftspeople learned about the labellisation and standardization of crafts products and heared presentations on UNESCO's actions in support to handicrafts charishing and promotion in Asia, Africa, Latin America.

The MDG-F Programme Culture for Development is a 3-year programme financed by the Spanish Fund for Achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDG-F). It is being implemented by 3 UN Agencies: UNDP, UNESCO and UNICEF, in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, Ministry of Culture and Sports of BiH, Ministry of Education and Culture of RS, as well as other institutions working in the area of education and culture.

UNDP Source : http://www.un.ba/?PID=7&RID=441

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