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Improved water management by knowing how to connect policy and science

© 2008 International Sava River Basin Commission

© 2008 International Sava River Basin Commission

“How to connect policy and science for improved water management : A practical introduction to Knowledge Brokering to promote successful stakeholder involvement in the light of the Water Framework Directive” will be the subject of the training workshop scheduled from 30 November to 2 December 2011 in Zagreb, Croatia. The event is organized with the support and collaboration of the International Sava River Basin Commission, UNESCO Venice Office (UNESCO Regional for Science and Culture in Europe), Global Water Partnership Mediterranean in the framework of the 3-years PSI-connect project funded under EC FP7 and the GEF IWLEARN (Global Environment Facility's International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network) project.

This two-day training will be geared towards a better connection of science and policy related to this stakeholder process. The aim is to build the capacity with the secretariat and others involved in the Sava River basin management plan to be able to: involve stakeholders in river basin management planning; share all available (scientific, local and procedural) knowledge with the stakeholders; and, integrate scientific information in the river basin management plan.

The following subjects will be covered during the training: stakeholder analysis, public participation and stakeholder involvement; levels and means; process management and designing a proper process; strategic communication design and implementation; means that can be used; different types of knowledge and knowledge brokering; three types of Knowledge Brokering instruments (group model building, role playing games, and scenario planning): the tools, their benefits and weaknesses; and, how to apply Knowledge Brokering Instruments in river basin management planning.

Participants will learn new methods to strengthen the relationships between science and policy and be able to apply these methods in their own situations. The training will be set up around practical examples, case studies, practical exercises, reflection and facilitated discussion.

Twenty to thirty stakeholders involved in the preparation and implementation of the River Basin Management Plan of the Sava River.

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