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IncREO project: Alpago area user case on review

© Pléiades SISA - Assets Map Plus: Alpago, Veneto, Italy

The User Workshop Increasing Resilience through Earth Observation (IncREO) user case ‘Alpago area’ will take place on 13 May 2014 at the Civil Protection Municipal Operational Centre of Lamosano, Alpago (Italy).

The event is jointly organised by the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), the Civil Protection Department of the Region of Veneto, the Italian National Research Council - Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection (CNR-IRPI), the municipalities of the territory of Alpago in Veneto in cooperation with the Mountain Union of Alpago (MUA) and Airbus DS.

IncREO has been launched in 2013 in support of emergency management and risk-preparedness with the aim to provide actors responsible for disaster management, civil protection and spatial planning with satellite data-based solutions and to contribute, particularly, to an improved preparedness and mitigation planning for territories highly vulnerable to natural disasters such as the Alpago area concerning landslide, earthquake and flood.

The workshop will involve project partners and end-users giving the opportunity to discuss the first versions of the IncREO products developed for the Alpago area such as accessibility maps, assets maps, vulnerability maps, etc. All stakeholders will be explicitly invited to critically review the work done so far and to provide feedback on how the current products might be adjusted for better serving their needs. It is the project’s objective to strive to implement such feedback and to provide our end-users with products updates for further validation within the upcoming months.

This workshop is a milestone of the EO-based product development for Alpago in view of the final multi-layered and multi-hazard/risk maps to be eventually validated by the Civil Protection Department of the Region of Veneto as a main end-user, along with the municipal authorities and technical offices of the towns of Chies, Farra, Pieve, Puos, and Tambre, represented by the newly-established Mountain Union of Alpago (MUA) which performs integrated functions concerning civil emergency management service for the entire Alpago area.

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Increasing Resilience through Earth Observation (IncREO) is funded by the European Commission under the programme Copernicus, which aims to enhance the EU’s capacity in Global Monitoring for Environment and Security. The UNESCO Venice Office is a partner of the project which is coordinated by Airbus DS.

IncREO website at: http://www.increo-fp7.eu/

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