10.05.2011 - UNESCO Venice Office/UNESCO Culture Sector

Indicator Suite national workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina


On 10 May 2011, Bosnia and Herzegovina held its first national workshop on the UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite in the UN Main Building in Sarajevo.


Coordinated by the UNESCO Satellite Office in Sarajevo and the lead local consultant, Ms Alma Slipicevic, the workshop was technical in nature with discussion amongst participants focused on the indicators, data sources and preliminary results to date. In addition to its technical nature, the workshop also served as a visible and open forum to explain the Suite’s purpose and added value to the high-level government representatives present.

The workshop was attended by key representatives from statistical agencies, as well as representatives from ministries of culture and education, which included three deputy ministers of culture, representing the different entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Suite has so far excited a lot of attention in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is complimenting national and international efforts to promote the culture and development agenda, such as the current MDG-F programme (also coordinated by UNESCO).

This meeting will be followed by a final national workshop in Sarajevo on 28 June where all key contributors and participants, and development partners and agencies will be invited to learn more about the Suite’s test results for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Link : Culture for Development Indicator Suite 

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