14.02.2012 - UNESCO Venice Office

Innovative training package on the sustainable management of SEE cultural heritage


The SUSTCULT project "Achieving SUSTainability through an integrated approach to the management of CULTural heritage”, led by the City of Venice and financed by the South East Europe (SEE) Programme part of the European Territorial Cooperation objective of the EU Regional Policy, has launched an innovative training package on the sustainable management of SEE cultural heritage. The online training - which started on 30 January - will last six months and involve over a hundred participants directly involved in the management of cultural heritage sites within the SUSTCULT partnership (managers, planners, officers, experts) - currently working on project partners' heritage sites and coming from seven different countries.

Organized by the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari – CIRDFA, the training avails itself of international experts to implement four different training units: 1) Cultural/natural heritage and economic development; 2) UNESCO/European/SEE framework on cultural and World Heritage sites; 3) Management Plans; and, 4) Marketing and sustainable tourism. The materials of the online training will be available on the SUSTCULT website after its completion. The online course will be followed by intensive training workshops to be held on partner sites to provide participants with "hands-on" experience on the concepts and skills acquired during the online period, providing in loco support for the further elaboration and implementation of partner sites management plans.

UNESCO Venice Office is endorsing and supporting the SUSTCULT project, considering in particular that many valuable heritage sites in the SEE region are under pressure and that improving the effectiveness of cultural sites management is a priority and a great cultural and political challenge throughout the region. Cultural heritage has in fact a social and ecological intrinsic significance that shall be safeguarded as a source of sustainable development (SD).

Links :

• SUSTCULT Website : www.sustcult.eu

• South East Europe (SEE) Programme : www.southeast-europe.net 

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