16.03.2011 -

International Architectural Competition on the new potential uses of three historic buildings in Albania

In the framework of the MDG-F UN Joint Programme “Culture and Heritage for Social and Economic Development” (CHSED), UNESCO in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports and the Institute of Monuments of Culture (IMC) is organizing an International Architectural Competition.


The International Architectural Competition intends to elicit and generate ideas on the new potential uses of three historic buildings, bearing the “Cultural Monument” status, in a way that supports their sustainable preservation and maintenance.

Out of the many historical and cultural objects and structures in Albania, the JP team, in cooperation with MoTCYS and IMC has selected three of them:

1. The House of Babaramo in Gjirokastra
2. The Venetian Tower in Durres
3. The Castle of Vilbashtova in Kavaja

The architecture Competition will help raise the awareness of the nearby communities on the advantages of reconsidering the use of the object they have in trust, with regard to its functional conditions by still maintaining and conserving its authentic values, its architectural concept.

It will raise the awareness of the interested institutions, architecture and restoration studios/companies, individual architects, restorers and the teams of students currently studying in one of the related fields of study as to the importance of the conservation of the historical and cultural values of the historical monuments while trying to convert them into self-sustainable objects by using them for a different business focus, as per the most efficient economic trend of the area.

Upon selection of one of the objects (out of the three historic buildings of this Competition), the interested applicants are required to prepare and submit their proposals on the best use of their selected object.

Deadline for submission of the applications: 9 May 2011

Source/Full details : http://www.cultureandheritagealbania.org/index.php?f=details&id=8&n=new

For any additional information, and for reference materials on the three objects necessary to develop your proposals, please click here or send an email to competition(at)cultureandheritagealbania.org

Contat : Mr. Luciano Bojaxhiu (archlucianob(at)gmail.com)

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