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International Conference on Energy Management in Cultural Heritage. Dubrovnik, Croatia. 6-8 April 2011

The main goal of the conference is to promote energy efficiency and energy management in cultural heritage buildings through exchanging knowledge and experience applied in pilot projects and case studies in Croatia, the EU, and worldwide. The goal is to create synergy between cultural heritage protection and the need to increase energy efficiency in an open and interactive manner, based on actual experience.


UNDP Croatia and UNESCO Venice Office are organizing this Conference in collaboration with GTZ Open Regional Fund (ORF-E), the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Italy, UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina, the City of Dubrovnik, the City of Venice, the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship, the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, the Croatian Chamber of Architects, the Croatian Architects’ Association, and the Zagreb Croatian Architects’ Society.

The conference will gather representatives of cultural protection departments, representatives of local and regional governmental units, architects, engineers, urban planners and decision makers in the field of building construction and environmental protection, consultants and other experts in the field of cultural heritage. The conference will be included in the program of the Croatian Chamber of Architects, who will allocate points for continuing professional development.

The conference will offer a comprehensive overview of activities required for energy management in old city centers and protected objects, such as energy audits that would determine the exact condition of the building, concrete measures to increase energy efficiency, legislative guidelines, funding models etc. Technologies, services and systems for energy management, as well as companies that offer the required products/ systems and also possess the know-how to the application of the same, will be presented at the Conference.

The Conference goals comprise: promotion of best practice and standards in the field of energy infrastructure reconstruction, upgrading and energy efficiency in general in cultural heritage buildings; raising awareness about contemporary ways of protecting and restoring cultural heritage; education on efficient maintenance of cultural heritage buildings and increasing their energy efficiency; linking the concepts in the field of energy efficiency, energy management and environmental protection with cultural heritage protection; sustainable cultural heritage management; disseminating information about new materials and technologies in the field of protecting cultural heritage buildings, by taking into consideration sustainable development and energy protection; promotion of cultural heritage protection and energy efficiency as a resource in economic development; preparation of guidelines for future restoration of cultural heritage buildings, urban sections and old city centres.

Link : Conference website. Download Brochure.

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